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Postgraduate Study

Here we outline our research interests and expertise, and the facilities within the Department. We encourage you to visit us, so that you can talk to the researchers with whom you would work, and see the University campus and the research facilities that you would use.

Our research activity is driven by our enthusiasm for discovering, understanding and applying physics, and our aim is to transmit that excitement to you. Your research experience will be enhanced by our worldwide research links and through the pooled resources of the Midlands Physics Alliance (Birmingham, Nottingham and Warwick Physics Departments).

Deciding to do research in physics and then choosing where to begin this are important career decisions. This is true whether you eventually continue with scientific research and development, or apply the skills you will develop to a broader career. Our postgraduates have done both. I wish you every success in whatever research you choose and hope that you will consider coming to Warwick.

David Leadley, Head of Physics