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Danny Steeghs

Reader in the Astronomy & Astrophysics group within the Department of Physics at the University of Warwick. I am currently in charge of undergraduate admissions.

Accreting black hole My research interests focus on the formation and evolution of interacting binary stars, particularly those that contain one (or two) compact stellar remnant(s). In order to find these systems, I am involved in a number of sky surveys and we combine custom sky surveys with data mining of public survey data at multiple wavebands. Once identified, I employ a variety of tools to characterise such systems and determine key parameters, such as the masses of the components, acurate orbital ephemerides and the dynamics of the accretion flow using indirect imaging techniques. Ultimately, we wish to understand the underlying physics of accretion and understand the evolutionary pathways towards supernova Type Ia explosions, ultra-compact binaries and binaries containing black holes and neutron stars. As binaries containing compact objects emit gravitational waves, I am also interested in gravitational wave astrophysics. Double white dwarf binaries are premier sources in the low-frequency range, while neutron stars emit at higher frequencies, accessible by ground-based interferometers.

I am an observationally focused astronomer, exploiting the spectrum of facilities available to us including the Hubble Space Telescope, X-ray satellites such as XMM and SWIFT and a wide range of ground-based observatories. I am currently working on a new facility that will hunt for EM signatures of binary mergers, called GOTO.

If you are interested in a Ph.D position in our group, a description of current projects on offer can be found here.


Danny Steeghs

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Dr D.Steeghs,
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