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Countdown to Mission Adoption

Update: 23/03/2017

The PSM Office has new contact information. Please address all email to

PLATO is going for Mission Adoption in June 2017. The first stage in this process was the presentation of the mission to the AWG by Heike Rauer and Don Pollacco, which took place on the 16th of May. Initial feedback has been positive, and we're awaiting the AWG's report.

Definition of the on-ground data processing requirements, the on-board processing validation procedure, and the high-level overview for PDC-PSM interactions continue to be major pieces of work for both the PSM and PDC Offices.

The current focus is on the validation of the on-board processing algorithms. A PSM review panel has been formed, and will be carrying out their assessment through June and July.

The PSM Coordination Team continue to meet regularly via their monthly teleconferences (see the Events Calendar). For details on meetings specific to different branches of the PSM, please contact the relevant WP leaders (listed on the People page)


Thu 25 May '17
PLATO Week 4 - Stockholm

PLATO Week 4 will be hosted at the Albanova University Centre, Stockholm, Sweden. It will be taking place between the 20th and 22nd of June 2017. Attendance is by invitation only.

For more details, please see the meeting's website.


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