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Countdown to Mission Adoption

Update: 23/03/2017

The PSM Office has new contact information. Please address all email to

At a recent meeting between the PMC and ESA, it was confirmed that PLATO will be going for Mission Adoption in June 2017. 

This is fantastic news, and now gives all areas of the consortium a firm deadline to work towards, with a well defined schedule moving forwards. Activities within the PSM and PDC are now ramping up very quickly.

Definition of the on-ground data processing requirements, the on-board processing validation procedure, and the high-level overview for PDC-PSM interactions continue to be major pieces of work for both the PSM and PDC Offices. As part of this, the PSM Coordination Team are meeting regularly via their monthly teleconferences (see the Events Calendar). For details on meetings specific to different branches of the PSM, please contact the relevant WP leaders (listed on the People page)

For up to date descriptions of the work that the PSM will carry out, please check out the Publications page. To see how the different branches of the PSM are structured, as well as how they fit together, please visit the relevant Research pages.


Tue 21 Mar '17
PLATO Week 3: Göttingen - Report

PLATO Week 3 took place at MPSSR in Göttingen between the 13th and 15th of March 2017. There were many sessions of relevance to the PSM:

  • An overview of PSM activities since the last meeting, presented by the PSM Coordinator, Don Pollacco.
  • A joint PSM-PDC plenary session, which included presentations on the L1 on-ground processing chain, Exoplanet Science and Stellar Science requirements on L1 data, and a working model for interactions between the two bodies.
  • A splinter session on candidate ranking and follow-up
  • A splinter session on PMC System Wide tools, with reference to PSM tools for content management, version control, action items, and requirement tracking moving forwards.
  • A splinter session on the PDC Database organisation
  • A splinter session on support tools for data analysis.

The presentations from these sessions, and from all of the other sessions at PLATO Week 3, can be found at the meeting's webpage, and through the detailed information for this news item.


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