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Publications from PLATO Science Management

Scientific Publications

Rauer, H. et al. (2014) - The PLATO 2.0 Mission

Veras, D. et al. (2015) - Prospects for detecting decreasing exoplanet frequency with main sequence age using PLATO

Marcos-Arenal, P. et al. (2014) - The PLATO Simulator: modelling of high-precision high-cadence space-based imaging

Rauer, H. et al. (2013) - The Space Mission PLATO 2.0, a Medium Class ESA Project

PSM Documents

Structure Diagrams (png versions also available, just change file extension):

For access to PSM members only documents, please go here (password protected).

Mission Documents

For access to the PLATO mission definition documents, please see the ESA website here.