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Astronomy Seminars

Our seminars are an opportunity to discuss the latest developments in broad range of astronomical research areas with specialists in their fields. They are open all staff and students in the department, and final year undergraduates doing astronomy projects, are particularly welcome to attend. You may also be interested in other seminars in the Department of Physics.

Astronomy seminars are normally held at 14:00 on Wednesdays, usually in room PS1.28 of the Physical Sciences building, but please refer to the table below for any changes to these details. The seminars are preceded by an informal lunch with the speaker, to which all members of the Astronomy group are welcome.

For further details, or if you are interested in giving a seminar at Warwick, please contact Dave Armstrong, Joe Lyman, or Nicola Gentile Fusillo .

Information for visiting seminar speakers

2016/2017 astronomy seminar series





12 Oct 2016 Tiago Campante (Birmingham) Asteroseismology of Exoplanet-Host Stars in the TESS Era PS1.28
19 Oct 2016 Warwick astro New group members welcome/ Jamboree PS1.28
26 Oct 2016 Ed Gillen (Cambridge) Constraining the Early Stages of Binary Star Evolution PS1.28
2 Nov 2016 Michael Burton (Armagh Observatory) Dark Molecular Gas and the Mopra CO Survey of the Southern Galactic Plane PS1.28
9 Nov 2016 Saida Caballero-Nieves (Sheffield) A Binary View of Massive Stars PS1.28
16 Nov 2016 Nina Hatch (Nottingham) The formation of galaxy clusters PS1.28
23 Nov 2016 Steven Kawaler (Iowa State) Connecting highly evolved stars with their younger selves through space-based asteroseismology PS1.28
30 Nov 2016 Soko Matsumura (Dundee) Elemental abundances and formation of terrestrial planets PS1.28
7 Dec 2016     PS1.28
11 Jan 2017 Nicole Reindl (Leicester) The late stages of stellar evolution - exciting, mysterious and extremely hot PS1.28
18 Jan 2017 Subir Sarkar (Oxford) Beyond the cosmological standard model PLT (4:30pm)
25 Jan 2017 Ted von Hippel (Max Planck) The Power of Principled Bayesian Methods in the Study of Stellar Evolution PS1.28
1 Feb 2017 Andy Bunker (Oxford) Galaxy Evolution in the first billion years with the JWST PS1.28
8 Feb 2017 Chris Nixon (Leicester) Tidal disruption events: self-gravitating pancakes and binary SMBH PS1.28
1 Mar 2017 Melissa Morris A review and assessment of current models of chrondrule formation


22 Mar 2017 Michal Michalowski (Edinburgh) Massive stars formed in atomic hydrogen reservoirs PS1.28
19 Apr 2017 Sjoert van Velzen (John Hopkins) New ways to study the tidal disruption of stars by supermassive black holes PS1.28
26 Apr 2017 Ian Parry (IoA) Searching for the 763nm Oxygen bio-signature with direct imaging/spectroscopy PS1.28
3 May 2017 Evan Keane (Jodrell Bank) What are Fast Radio Bursts? PS1.28
10 May 2017 Giovanna Tinetti (UCL) A Chemical Survey of Exoplanets PS1.28
17 May 2017 Kate Pattle (UCLAN) The Energetics of Molecular Clouds and Cores PS1.28
24 May 2017 Nikku Madhusudhan (IoA) Chemical Characterization of Extrasolar Planets PS1.28
31 May 2017 Daisuke Kawata (MSSL) Impacts of Radial Mixing on the Galactic Thick and Thin Disks and Gaia DR1 PS1.28
5 Jun 2017 Phil Armitage (Colorado)

Planetary system diversity from early formation dynamics

7 Jun 2017 Carole Haswell (OU)