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Theory Group Lunchtime Seminars

Scheduled seminars are listed below.

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  • Theory Seminar
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Thu, Jun 1, '17
1pm - 2pm
Theory Seminar: Elisabetta Matsumoto (Georgia Tech), Non-Euclidean Virtual Reality, 1300 in PS1.28 (joint with the Geometric Topology seminar)

The properties of euclidean space seem natural and obvious to us, to the point that it took mathematicians over two thousand years to see an alternative to Euclid’s parallel postulate. The eventual discovery of hyperbolic geometry in the 19th century shook our assumptions, revealing just how strongly our native experience of the world blinded us from consistent alternatives, even in a field that many see as purely theoretical. Non-euclidean spaces are still seen as unintuitive and exotic, but with direct immersive experiences we can get a better intuitive feel for them. The latest wave of virtual reality hardware, in particular the HTC Vive, tracks both the orientation and the position of the headset within a room-sized volume, allowing for such an experience. We use this nacent technology to explore the three-dimensional geometries of the Thurston/Perelman geometrization theorem. This talk focuses on our simulations of H³ and H²×E.

Joint work with: Vi Hart, Andrea Hawksley, and Henry Segerman

Tue, Jun 6, '17
TCM Meeting
L3, Chemistry Concourse

11:00 Rebecca Nicholls, Oxford, Enhancing Materials Design
11:50 Nicholas Bristowe, Kent, Magnetoelectric Ferroics
13:40 Tapio Ala-Nissila, Loughborough, Polymer Driven Translocation
14:30 Posters
16:10 Andrew James, UCL, 2D Many-Body Systems

Thu, Jun 8, '17
1pm - 2pm
Theory Seminar: 2nd year PhD talks, Dominic Branford and Nelson Yeung, 1300 in PS1.28


Thu, Jun 15, '17
1pm - 2pm
Theory Seminar: Buddhapriya Chakrabarti (Sheffield), A tale of two problems: surface segregation in polymer mixtures, and self-assembly of orientable objects on curved flexible manifolds, 1300 in PS1.28

I shall be describing two of my current interests in soft matter, small molecule migration in complex matrices and shape minimisation of assembled liquid crystals (that break orientational order) on curved flexible manifolds with free boundaries and edges. The first problem arises in several products of daily use and lead to reduced functional properties, Controlling surface segregation therefore can lead to design of products with well tailored properties. Fundamental polymer physics issues arising in this context will be addressed and a new phenomenological free energy functional that incorporates elastic degrees of freedom in surface segregating systems of gels discussed. Next I will discuss a variational formulation that we have developed for simultaneously minimising elastic free energy and shape for liquid crystals on flexible surfaces. Frustration arising in curved geometries naturally leads to the formation of defects. Our formulation allows us to correctly evaluate and predict the existence of a defect phase that is a mixture of a disclination and a screw dislocation in a class of Smectics. Earlier attempts at obtaining the shape equations in systems having shape-orientational order coupling have been erroneous.