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Gavin Morley

I am a Royal Society University Research Fellow and an Associate Professor in the Warwick Physics Department. A post-doctoral position will shortly be available to work with me on magnetometry with nitrogen vacancy centres in diamond for medical applications.

Research Interests

My group uses pulsed electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) to investigate schemes for quantum technology and dynamic nuclear polarization, as well as studying fundamental physics with levitated nano-diamonds. We are in two Centres for Doctoral Training (CDTs): Integrated Magnetic Resonance (iMR) and Diamond Science and Technology (DST).

Quantum technologies

Materials such as silicon and diamond contain electron and nuclear spins that we use to store quantum information. If a large enough quantum computer could be built it would be able to solve certain problems that are intractible with the computers we have now.

High-field EPR and dynamic nuclear polarization

NMR is a powerful technique which would benefit greatly from more sensitivity as current experiments are sometimes run for days to increase the signal size. Dynamic nuclear polarisation (DNP) transfers some electronic polarization to nearby nuclear spins to enhance the nuclear polarization by up to a factor of 1,000.

Levitated diamonds containing qubits

We have proposed and demonstrated the optical levitatation of nano-diamonds because we would like to test whether these can try out being in two places at once. These would be the heaviest objects to have demonstrated a spatial superposition.

Gavin Morley, (c) The Royal Society, Photographer Debbie Rowe

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