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Elliot Ludvig (Associate Professor)


 Elliot Ludvig



Reinforcement learning, decision making, risky choice, gambling, moral decision-making, timing and time perception, decisions from experience, planning and imagination, episodic memory, classical and operant conditioning, computational modeling, neuroeconomics, epigenetics, and comparative cognition.

Broadly, I am interested in how the simple learning algorithms embodied in the brain can be scaled up to achieve the complex cognition exhibited by humans and other animals.

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Recent Publications:

  • Ludvig, E. A., Madan, C. R., & Spetch, M. L. (in press). Priming memories of past wins induces risk seeking. Journal of Experimental Psychology: General.

  • Ludvig, E. A., Madan, C. R., Pisklak, J. M., & Spetch, M. L. (2014). Reward context determines risky choice in pigeons and humans. Biology Letters, 10, 20140451.

  • Wilson, R. C., Geana, A., White, J. M., Ludvig, E. A., & Cohen, J. D. (2014). Humans use random and directed exploration to solve the explore-exploit trade-off. Journal of Experimental Psychology: General, 143, 2074-2081.

  • Kehoe, E., J., Ludvig, E. A., & Sutton, R. S. (2014). Time course of the rabbit’s conditioned nictitating membrane movements during acquisition, extinction, and reacquisition. Learning & Memory, 21, 585-590.

  • Ludvig, E. A., Madan, C. R., & Spetch, M. L. (2014). Extreme outcomes sway risky decisions from experience. Journal of Behavioral Decision Making, 27, 146-156.

  • Madan, C. R., Ludvig, E. A., & Spetch, M. L. (2014). Remembering the best and worst of times: Memories for extreme outcomes bias risky decisions. Psychonomic Bulletin & Review, 21, 629-636.

  • Gershman, S. J., Moustafa, A. A., & Ludvig, E. A. (2014). Time representation in reinforcement learning models of the basal ganglia. Frontiers in Computational Neuroscience, 7, 194.

  • Lee, G., Bulitko, V., & Ludvig, E. A. (2014). Automated story selection for color commentary in baseball. Transactions on Computational Intelligence and AI in Games, 6, 144-155.

Supervisor to:

Alina Gutoreva
Jianqiao Zhu