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Timothy Mullett

Tim Mullett 

Research Interests:

My research looks at how people judge value and make financial decisions. I am particularly interested in how these judgements can be affected by previous experience and the context in which a decision is made. This has also led to my interest in how experiences are stored in memory and then later recalled.

As well as performing behavioural experiments, I use techniques from cognitive neuroscience, including functional MRI and eye tracking, to investigate how value is represented in the brain. I am also interested in using these findings to create computer models of both decision making and memory processes. The aim is that these models can then be used to simulate individuals and to predict behaviour for specific people or for the population as a whole.

Contact Details

Representative Publications:

  • Bhatia, S. and Mullett, T. L. (2016) "The dynamics of deferred decision". Cognitive Psychology , 86 , 112-151

  • Mullett, T. L. and Stewart, N. (2015) "Implications of visual attention phenomena for models of preferential choice" . Decision

  • Stewart, N., Gächter, S., Noguchi, T. and Mullett, T. L. (2015) "Eye movements in strategic choice" , Journal of Behavioral Decision Making, 29, 137–156

  • Mullett, T. L., & Tunney, R. J. (2013). Value representations by rank order in a distributed network of varying context dependency. Brain and Cognition, 82(1), 76-83.

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