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Dr Ben Graham

I was an Associate Professor in Statistics and Complexity; I have now left Warwick. I have moved to the Facebook AI Research Lab.

$10\div 81 = 0.1234567...$


ST340: Programming for Data Science Resources

MA930: Data Analysis

Term 3 office hours:
Monday 10:30-11:30, Friday 14:30-15:30

PhD Research opportunities at Warwick: MathSys DTC Statistics PhDs OxWaSP DTC MASDOC DTC

PhD students: Jeremy Reizenstein Matthew Smith


IISignature - Iterated Integral Signature library

Quickly calculate rough-path theoretic iterated integral log-signatures in Python, R, C++ using Lie-algebra technology. With Jeremy Reizenstein. Coming soon (in the process of uploading super-optimized version to Github/PyPI).

SparseConvNet - Spatially Sparse Convolutional Networks

Batchwise Dropout

Run fully connected artificial neural networks with dropout applied (mini)batchwise, rather than samplewise. Given two hidden layers each subject to 50% dropout, the corresponding matrix multiplications for forward- and back-propagation is 75% less work as the dropped out units are not calculated. (GPLv3. Requirements: a Nvidia GPU, CUDA sm_20, and Boost).


Efficient batchwise dropout training using submatrices
with Jeremy Reizenstein and Leigh Robinson

Confusing Deep Convolution Networks by Relabelling
with Leigh Robinson

Fractional Max-Pooling (CIFAR-10 Exteme cases 347 mistakes)

Spatially sparse convolutional neural networks

Index learning for unsupervised low dimensional embeddings

Sparse 3D convolutional neural networks
BMVC 2015

A binary deletion channel with a fixed number of deletions
Combinatorics, Probability and Computing, volume 24, issue 03, pp. 486-489

The diffusive evaporation-deposition model and the voter model

Metastability in the dilute Ising model
with Thierry Bodineau and Marc Wouts
Probability Theory and Related Fields, 0178-8051, 2013 (55 pages)

Helffer-Sjöstrand representation for conservative dynamics
with Thierry Bodineau
Proceedings of IRS 2010, Markov Processes and Related Fields

Sublinear variance for directed last passage percolation
Journal of Theoretical Probability, 25:3:687-702, 2012

Sharp thresholds for the random-cluster and Ising models
with Geoffrey Grimmett
Annals of Applied Probability, 21(1):240-265, 2011

Borel type bounds for the self-avoiding walk connective constant
Figure: The oscillating coefficients of the spherical model series expansion
Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical 43:235001, 2010

Rate of relaxation for a mean-field zero-range process
Animation: The empirical distribution: one million boxes, and twenty balls per box
Annals of Applied Probability, 19(2):497-520, 2009

Interacting Stochastic Systems
PhD Thesis, University of Cambridge, 2007

Influence and sharp-threshold theorems for monotonic measures
with Geoffrey Grimmett
Annals of Probability, 34(5):1726-1745, 2006
(In Beffara & Duminil-Copin, Theorem 2.10 is used to show: "The self-dual point of the two-dimensional random-cluster model is critical for q≥1")

Random-current representation of the Blume-Capel model
with Geoffrey Grimmett
Journal of Statistical Physics, 125(2):283-316, 2006

SpeedwEyes: an eye-screening management system in diabetic care
with Stephen Corcoran
British Journal of Healthcare Computing and Information Management; 19(3):23-25, 2002

Sparse arrays of signatures for online character recognition
Unpublished (redrafted as Spatially sparse convolutional neural networks)
CUDA Sparse CNN implementation

CASIA-OLHWDB1.1: DeepCNet(6,100) 3.58% test error

$80\div 81 = .98765432...$ talk

Ben Graham