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Our Chairman

Professor Lord Kumar
Bhattacharyya KT CBE FREng FRS
Regius Professor of Manufacturing

Starting his career as a graduate apprentice at Lucas Industries, Lord Bhattacharyya
became Britain's first ever Professor of Manufacturing. Having seen first-hand how slowly
academic advances were translated into real business and social change, he founded WMG
in 1980 to help business innovate and help university researchers change our lives. Academic
excellence with industrial relevance has always been at the heart of WMG, it is what makes the them unique. Today, WMG is one of the world’s top applied research centres, with a reputation for academic excellence and business results spanning the globe.

Latest News
Delivering on a national industrial strategy

The Engineer
13 September 2016

A minute into the interview with Lord Kumar Bhattacharyya, it is evident that he believes Britain’s decision to leave the European Union is not the Armageddon for engineering and industry that many people feared.

The chair and founder of Warwick Manufacturing Group (WMG) speaks with the near blasé assuredness of someone who has witnessed huge change in Britain and who is focused on goals that are even more long term than our membership of a supranational bloc. “The world is much bigger today. How do we explore other markets? India is one of the biggest investors in the world. There is a lot of love for the UK in India,” said the eminent engineer and pro-Remainer. “You have to get on with it. I am a pragmatist,” he added, pointing out that EU competition laws have complicated and delayed decisions by some multinationals to invest in Britain.

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All Speeches
International Trade Opportunities

House of Lords
07 July 2016

A strategy on its own is not enough. Attention to detail and sustained commitment are the keys to success. We must continue to push business and academia to look outward. We have to reach out to create new global partners and stand beside them in the tough times as well as the good. This matters because trade is not simply the purchase of goods but the building of relationships. So all industrial policies need to be built on a dialogue between British industry and the world. Most of all, we need to develop a mindset of competitiveness, to which the Government should always respond.

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Recent Visits
Prime Minister and Chancellor of the Exchequer visit WMG

The University of Warwick was pleased to welcome the Prime Minister, Theresa May MP, and the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Philip Hammond MP, to the University to visit WMG. As part of their IMC tour the Prime Minister and Chancellor were shown one of the world’s most adaptable and advanced driving simulators, the 3xD Simulator.

The 3xD Simulator is the only of its kind designed specifically to test real-world robustness and usability of smart, connected and autonomous vehicle technology and it will be the centre piece of the Virtual Reality Centre in the National Automotive Innovation Centre.

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