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Our Chairman

Professor Lord Kumar
Bhattacharyya KT CBE FREng FRS
Regius Professor of Manufacturing

Starting his career as a graduate apprentice at Lucas Industries, Lord Bhattacharyya
became Britain's first ever Professor of Manufacturing. Having seen first-hand how slowly
academic advances were translated into real business and social change, he founded WMG
in 1980 to help business innovate and help university researchers change our lives. Academic
excellence with industrial relevance has always been at the heart of WMG, it is what makes the them unique. Today, WMG is one of the world’s top applied research centres, with a reputation for academic excellence and business results spanning the globe.

Latest News
Research universities 'should lead on higher apprenticeships'

Times Higher Education
11 March 2015

Leading universities should work with employers to develop apprenticeships linked to cutting-edge research which would drive economic growth in high-skilled industries such as aerospace, nuclear energy and automotive manufacturing. According to the report published on 11 March, “The Future of Higher Vocational Education”, this would entail a rethinking of leading universities’ admissions criteria, to recognise the potential of students holding BTEC qualifications. It would also necessitate a change in teaching methods, with an emphasis on lab-based teaching, mentoring, projects and work placements.

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All Speeches
Spark: Where Education meets Business

Keynote Speech at Insider Spark Event, Birmingham, UK
22 January 2010

How do we bolster the links between universities and industry?

Today the connections are there but nowhere near strong enough. Despite the presence of outstanding research in our universities, only 1% of British businesses say universities are of “high importance” as a source of innovation. This has serious implications for our future.

When I served as a young apprentice at Lucas Industries, the Birmingham group was a world leader. Yet a lack of investment in innovation meant Lucas was very quickly overtaken by emerging companies from Germany and Japan. They are now global giants. Lucas no longer exists.

So just like universities themselves, British business needs to change. Business leaders need to recognise the value that research adds to their business. Managers need to understand that their future growth can come only through the development and exploitation of new ideas. We need to make sure that managers and researchers are given the chance to research, to learn and expand their horizons as part of their career growth.

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Recent Visits
Prime Minister and Chancellor of the Exchequer visit WMG

The University of Warwick was pleased to welcome the Prime Minister, Theresa May MP, and the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Philip Hammond MP, to the University to visit WMG. As part of their IMC tour the Prime Minister and Chancellor were shown one of the world’s most adaptable and advanced driving simulators, the 3xD Simulator.

The 3xD Simulator is the only of its kind designed specifically to test real-world robustness and usability of smart, connected and autonomous vehicle technology and it will be the centre piece of the Virtual Reality Centre in the National Automotive Innovation Centre.

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