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Recruitment in 2017

The continued success and growth of WMG means that we are seeking to hire at least 170 new recruits - a 30% expansion of our current workforce. The search is on to find engineers, lecturers, researchers, project managers, data analysts, software developers, and technicians.

As jobs are posted for application, they will appear on our Careers Vacancies page. If the perfect job for you hasn't been posted yet, take a look at some sample role descriptions for the kinds of roles that will be coming up. If you're keen to join us and think you have the skills we need, then register your interest and upload your CV for our HR team. If we think you're a good match, we'll be in touch.

Typical sample role descriptions include:

Areas of research and teaching we are recruiting into include:


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International Manufacturing Centre

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Materials Testing


Energy Innovation Centre

Engineering Management