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20th Warwick International Conference in Applied Linguistics

Warwick Applied Linguistics is pleased to announce the 20th Warwick International Conference which will be held from Tuesday, 27th to Thursday, 29th June 2017.

This conference is a successful tradition which, every year, brings together many research students (masters and PhD) from within and outside the UK. This year, however, we have decided to welcome contributions from Undergraduate students, as well!

Being a ‘conference by students for students’, we aim to provide a platform for undergraduate and postgraduate students to showcase their research and receive valuable feedback from other renowned scholars in the field.

Fri 09 June 2017, 15:21

DiscourseNet Congress #2 at Warwick University 13-15 September 2017

While ‘discourse’ has long been an object of investigation in many disciplines, the contours of a new field of transdisciplinary research are now coming to the fore: Discourse Studies. Known for theoretical orientations and methodological tools at the intersection of language and society, discourse research usually deals with social phenomena with a particular focus on the entanglements of power and language. While Discourse Studies has resulted from the exchange between numerous strands and approaches which deal with the social production of meaning, an increasing need for interdisciplinary exchange can now be observed. The 2nd International DiscourseNet Congress at Warwick (DNC#2) aims to represent the many strands, schools, and perspectives in Discourse Studies, from the humanities to the social sciences, from strictly interpretive to quantifying methodologies, from discourse as a situated practice to discourse as socially distributed knowledge.

Fri 09 June 2017, 15:46

IATEFL MA ELT Pecha Kucha Style Event Invitation 2017

A Pecha Kucha Style event means that every presenter gives a VERY SHORT (5 minute) summary of their topic (their dissertation or research) using a maximum of 15 PowerPoint slides, which automatically move on every 20 seconds.

If you are a postgraduate student you are probably in the last stages of your final piece of work, the dissertation. IATEFL and Applied Linguistics (University of Warwick) would like to invite you to an event where you can share what you have found out in your research with other students also at the same stage in their career from all over UK.

Fri 09 June 2017, 15:36

A Level English Language Teacher Workshops

Workshop at Warwick (Applied Linguistics) 11th July 2017

Title: Applied Linguistics at Warwick half day workshop on Big Data: Using corpus tools to analyse English

Every day billions of words of English are spoken, written and read. This was true historically but now technology can capture some of that data and give us useful fresh insights into language usage, language change and language trends. In this session you will be introduced to ways of keeping abreast of the latest discoveries about English and perhaps making a few of your own. This workshop will be especially useful for teachers who want to expand their knowledge and skills in English Language analysis. We will review some core concepts in Discourse Analysis and then explore a number of large language databases (corpora) using the tool Sketch Engine to research general English as well as the language of specific genres and disciplines.

Fri 09 June 2017, 15:14