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Academic listening/speaking

Here you can find academic listening and speaking skills materials and advice to help with the development of your academic English. Click on the links above to begin. Read below about our EASE online course for developing your academic listening and speaking skills.

EASE courses online

EASE: Listening to Lectures and EASE: Seminar Discussions are now only available as online courses and can be purchased from our Global PAD online store. Please click on the following link to try out a free sample unit of the EASE: Listening to Lectures course.


What is EASE?

EASE stands for Essential Academic Skills in English. There are two courses in the series: Listening to Lectures and Seminar Discussions. The courses comprise interactive activities based on video recordings of authentic lectures and seminar discussions filmed at the University of Warwick. The recordings were made across the different faculties, and cover the physical, natural and social sciences as well as humanities.

EASE courses have been specifically designed for students

  • whose first language is not English
  • who need to listen to lectures in English
  • who need to attend seminars in English
  • who intend to study in an English speaking country
  • who wish to improve their academic listening and speaking skills.

The courses can be used on a self-study basis. Alternatively, teachers can use them in class as sources of authentic input material.


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