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MSc in Intercultural Communication for Business and the Professions

Our MSc provides you with a wide range of in-depth knowledge and skills related to intercultural communication. Its distinctive feature is that it enables you to focus on aspects of intercultural communication that are relevant to people working either in business (e.g. management, HR or marketing) or in other professions (e.g. NGOs, education or diplomacy).

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Our core modules focus on culture and communication. They develop your ability to analyse, explain and investigate effective communication across cultures, as well as nurture your practical skills in intercultural interaction. Our option modules enable you to select particular areas in which you want to specialise, according to your own interests or career aspirations.

Core Modules


Term 1 introduces key concepts from a variety of disciplines, which have influenced the field of professional intercultural communication. You will develop an understanding of the notions of culture, identity, adaptation and communication management (and the relationships between them). You will also begin a module on Researching the Workplace.

Term 2 has two further core modules, introducing issues connected with intercultural competence, leadership and teamwork. Researching the Workplace also continues.

Term 3 offers a choice of a dissertation or experiential placement combined with a major project. Whichever route you take, conducting and writing up your research will give a sound understanding of the nature and range of research in intercultural communication and applied linguistics.

Option Modules (2016/17)


Option modules allow you to customize your MSc programme by selecting more specialised modules that particularly suit your interests and career aspirations. These often build on the cutting-edge research, which is being carried out by members of our course team.

You will choose 4 option modules from our menu, normally completing one or two in Term 1 and two or three in Term 2. You will see that particular combinations may be suited to particular professions such as:

  • Business, marketing and management
  • Human rights and resources
  • Intercultural education and training
  • Language, interpreting and translation

Often, the work you do on your option modules will feed into your major project or dissertation that you complete in the summer.

More options

  • Part-time study: The MSc programme is usually taken as a one year, full-time programme. However, it is also possible to follow the programme part-time, spread over a maximum of four years. If you are interested in part-time study, get in touch to discuss the schedule for your programme.
  • Summer Placement: There is also the opportunity, for those who wish, to work in a different environment or new country over the summer. You can make arrangements, but they will need approval by your tutor. Alternatively, you may spend 4 weeks at one of our partner universities overseas, such as in China.