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Thinking About Becoming A Teacher

Choosing to become a teacher is choosing a career full of challenges and extraordinary rewards. Teaching is about leading and encouraging true learning through engagement and conversation. You could make a difference every day that will have a life-long impact on others.



Top 10 reasons why you should consider teaching as a career

1. Inspire others

Most people can remember an inspiring teacher, and that is because teaching changes our lives. Through your motivation, enthusiasm, and passion for a subject, you can make a difference to students and inspire them. Read some teachers' memorable moments here.

Teacher with class

2. Making a difference

Teaching nurtures creativity, discovery and character development in students. You can see the fruits of your hard work every day as you make a lasting and positive difference to someone, helping them to develop skills that will lead them through their education and into promising careers. Why not watch some teachers in action here.

3. Competitive salary

The starting salary for a newly qualified teacher at £22,244 is high compared to other graduate starting salaries. Pay can progress quickly for high performing teachers, with senior leaders earning between £40,000 and £115,000.

4. Financial help with training

Bursaries are available for trainees on eligible postgraduate courses in England who are not employed as unqualified teachers on the School Direct Salaried route. Bursary amounts will vary depending on teacher training subject and the degree class or highest relevant academic qualification. Read more about scholarships and bursaries up to £30,000 here.

5. Career progression

Teaching is a rewarding profession which offers a fascinating journey and fantastic career and development prospects. There are many management and leadership opportunities within subjects and key areas and you can progress to a senior management position such as deputy or head teacher. See what some of our alumni are doing here.

6. Be creative

Although teachers have a curriculum to follow, the ability to decide on what is taught on a daily basis and how this is taught is up to the teacher. Teaching allows you to be creative, not only as a teacher, but as an individual, using your knowledge and personality in new and exciting ways. Meet some of current trainees here.

7. Lifelong learning

Many teachers have a keen interest in Continuing Professional Development (CPD), which not only assists in personal growth but also aids with career progression. Teaching offers many opportunities to develop on both a personal and professional level, through yourself and your students. Look at the range of CPD programmes we offer.

Primary PE teacher and pupils

8. Travel

Teaching gives you the opportunity to travel and become involved in international schools all over the world. Whilst most of these opportunities fall within the private sector, the skills and knowledge gained across the public sector are transferable to such situations.

9. Holidays and flexibility

As a teacher you will receive more holidays as compared to many other professions. Teachers work for around 195 days per year in school, although some work may be required during holidays. The many opportunities to spend time with your family is one of the appealing rewards of teaching.

10. Pension

The Teachers’ Pension Scheme is the second largest public sector pension scheme in the country. It is designed to take care of you when you retire and is assessed regularly so its value is protected against rising prices.

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