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Anandi Mani

Dr Anandi Mani


Associate Professor of Economics

Research Affiliate, Ideas42

Senior Researcher and Capacity Building Fellow, CAGE 

Member, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton -- 2014-15

Research Interests

Development Economics

Behavioral Economics of Poverty & Gender

Political Economy of Governance.

Publications and Working Papers

Behavioral Economics of Poverty and Gender


Poverty and Aspirations Failure (with P.Dalton and S.Ghosal) -- forthcoming, Economic Journal

Poverty Impedes Cognitive Function (with Sendhil Mullainathan, Eldar Shafir and Jiaying Zhao) -- Science -- Aug 30, 2013

Sex Workers, Stigma and Self-Belief: Evidence from Kolkata brothels (with Sayantan Ghosal, Smarajit Jana, Sandip Mitra and Sanchari Roy), June 2015

Mine, Yours or Ours: The Efficiency of Household Investment Decisions -- an Experimental Approach, August 2011

Poverty, International Encyclopedia of Social Sciences, Thompson Press, 2nd edition, 2007

Political Economy of Governance

The Power of Political Voice: Women’s Political Representation and Crime in India (with Lakshmi Iyer, Prachi Mishra and Petia Topalova), American Economic Journal: Applied Economics, October 2012

Traveling Agents? Political Change and Bureaucratic Turnover in India (with Lakshmi Iyer), Review of Economics and Statistics, August 2012

Democracy, Visibility and Public Good Provision (with Sharun Mukand); Journal of Development Economics, June 2007

Politics, Information and the Urban Bias (with Sumon Majumdar and Sharun Mukand); Journal of Development Economics, October 2004


Income Distribution & Occupation Choice

Choosing the Right Pond: Social Approval and Occupational Choice (with Charles Mullin); Journal of Labor Economics, October 2004

Income Distribution, Learning by Doing and Comparative Advantage (with Jinyoung Hwang) Review of Development Economics, August 2004

Income Distribution and the Demand Constraint -- Journal of Economic Growth, June 2001

Media Coverage

Poverty's Brain Drain: BBC,August 30, 2013; The Guardian, Aug 29, 2013

Conversation with a Social Scientist, The New York Times, Aug 13 2012

The story of nexus between politicos and bureaucrats retold, The Economic Times, Sep 15 2008



A Contribution to Statistics

Contact details

Telephone: +44 24 7652 2545

Fax: +44 24 7652 3032


Room: S0.66

Office Hours: On sabbatical this term