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Kimberley Scharf

Professor Kimberley Scharf

CV (PDF Document)

Publications (from 2014)

Working Papers (from 2014)

Other Papers (from 2014)

  • "An International Comparison of the Administration of Tax Expenditures," (with Nigar Hashimzade, Chris Heady, Gareth Myles, and Lynne Oates), ESRC Tax Administration Research Centre Briefing Report prepared for the National Audit Office, September 2014.
  • "The Definition, Measurement, and Evaluation of Tax Expenditures and Tax Reliefs," (with Nigar Hashimzade, Chris Heady, Gareth Myles, and Lynne Oates), ESRC Tax Administration Research Centre Briefing Report published by the National Audit Office, June 2014.
  • "The Tax Treatment of Charitable Contributions in the UK," in Charitable Giving and Tax Policy: A Historical and Comparative Perspective (G. Fack & C. Landais eds), CEPR/Oxford University Press, forthcoming 2015. Draft

Other Dissemination (from 2014)

  • "The Ice Bucket Challenge," (with Sarah Smith) Society Now, ESRC, Autumn 2014.
  • "Fixed Costs & Non-Profits’ Efficiency," The BIG blog, WMG, Warwick, 15/08/14.
  • "Public Economics and Private Charity," Speakers for Schools, St. Francis of Assisi RCT College, 07/08/14.
  • "The Big Lottery Fund and Fixed Costs," Big Lottery Fund Blog, Big Lottery Fund, 15/07/14.
  • "How Donors Perceive Fixed Costs and What Your Charity Can Do About It: Q & A with Kimberley Scharf," JustGiving Blog, 07/01/14.
  • "Religion and Charity," More or Less, Radio 4, 13/06/14.
  • "Publishing in Peer Review Journals," Panelist at Lunchtime Session, Royal Economic Society Women's Committee, Royal Economic Society Annual Conference, Manchester, 09/04/14.
  • "Scale Economies and Innovation Slowdown in the Charitable Sector," JustGiving/Warwick/Bristol Workshop on `Academic Insights into Fundraising,' 18/03/14.
  • "Behavioural Responses of Donors to Tax Incentives for Giving," Focus, Charity Finance Group, 04/02/14.
  • "Public Policy and Private Charity," Speakers for Schools, Stratford-Upon-Avon Grammar School, 11/02/14.
  • "The Economics of Charity and Public Policy," Warwick Economics Society, 10/02/14.
  • "Panel Debate – What Area of Research or Analysis has the Potential to Most Improve the Performance of Tax Administrations?" Invited panelist HMRC/ESRC International Tax Analysis Conference, London, 25/01/14.

Unpublished Working Papers

Research Interests

  • I am a theoretical and applied public finance economist who has a longstanding interest in issues that concern public policy, the economics of information, social networks, public goods, charity and property rights. I am particularly interested in understanding more about how public policy should be directed towards the social economy and how competitive forces shape the sector. My recent theoretical research on the structure of social groups, information transmission and private provision of public goods received quite a bit of attention in the press (e.g. Times of India and the Guardian) and I occasionally blog and tweet. Other recent projects— theoretical and applied—relate to the effects of social group structures and information transmission on the behaviour of individuals and groups, motives for giving, competition in the third sector, and analysis of various public policy prescriptions relating to the private provision of public goods. My research activities have been funded by the ESRC, the Social Sciences and Research Council of Canada, the British Academy, the European Research Council (Marie Curie program), HM Treasury and HM Revenue and Customs.