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Warwick Institute for Employment Research

UK poverty audit 2017IER contributes to General Election poverty audit

IER's Gaby Atfield, Peter Dickinson, Erika Kispeter and Sally Wright have assessed the employment policy pledges made by the UK's major parties, focusing especially on how the manifestos address poverty. The analysis is part of the Election Manifesto Poverty Audit, which is organised by the UK chapter of the international organisation Academics Stand Against Poverty. Find the full report here.

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research projects underway at IER

apple-256263_1920.jpgMapping transferable skills

Warwick IER has been commissioned by the Department for Education to undertake a mapping and analysis of transferable skills (such as, team working and communication) across each of the new Technical Routes proposed in the Sainsbury Panel Report and adopted in the Government's Post-16 Skills Plan. The purpose of the study is the creation of a framework to help design the content of the new technical level qualifications. Whilst there is much evidence on transferable skills in general, or graduate transferable skills in particular, relatively little research is available for 16-18 year olds who will be the main cohort undertaking the 15 Technical Routes. IER is taking an innovative approach, triangulating information and data from: an evidence review; occupational skills, knowledge and abilities from the O*Net database, and; transferable skills identified in apprenticeship frameworks and standards. To find out more contact Peter Dickinson.


Blog on Conservative and Liberal Democrat funding plans for Wales

In the second of a series of blogs on what the major parties have to say about their spending plans, Wales Public Services 2025 look at the Conservative and Liberal Democrat manifestos, and their implications for public services in Wales. Check out Dr Daria Luchinskaya's blog: What the Conservative and Liberal Democrat manifestos could mean for Wales