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ESLJ Call For Papers

The Entertainment and Sports Law Journal welcomes submissions for peer-reviewed articles for publication in our upcoming issues.  Contributions should reflect the journal's general areas of inquiry.

Papers intended for peer-review should be a minimum of 4000 words in length, and should reflect high scholarly content. Please note that each paper will be reviewed by at least two anonymous referees in the field of the subject matter addressed in the paper. The review process normally takes six to eight weeks.

Submissions of other articles are also welcome. These should take the form of  interventions, reports on contemporary developments and/or recently-held conferences and events, case summaries and analyses and book reviews.

Contributors are encouraged to refer to our section on Submission Standards for more information on article format details and for information on submitting articles to the editors.

From time to time, we will issue Calls for Papers for our Special Issues. Please refer to the relevant sections for guidelines on submissions.