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Mediterranean Migration Research Programme


The Mediterranean Migration Research Programme is an ESRC-funded programme that was launched in response to the on-going migration crisis in Europe. The ESRC has provided £1 million to support leading UK social scientists to conduct research with migrant and refugee populations who have entered Europe across the Mediterranean. Co-funded by the Department for International Development, the Mediterranean Migration Research Programme provides evidence to inform the development of policy and responses by governments, European agencies, and charities.

Eight projects from across the UK are being funded under the ESRC’s Urgency Grants Mechanism. This website collects and presents outputs, news, and events from all eight projects within the Programme.

For a brief overview of the eight projects that are part of the MMRP, see our Projects page.


24 February: Bookings are open for the Crossing the Med symposium "Dead Reckoning / Crossing the Med: Thinking and Feeling Migration Differently" at the Tate Modern on 15 March.

10 February: Information on the LSE event "Migrant Deaths at European borders: states' duties to identify and the rights of families to know" on 22 March are available now.

18 January: Bookings are open for a screening of "Precarious Trajectories: Voices from the Mediterranean Migration Crisis" (Precarious Trajectory Project) in Coventry, followed by a Q&A with Simon Parker (Precarious Trajectories), Vicki Squire (Crossing the Med), and Myria Georgiou.

17 January: Heaven Crawley (MEDMIG Project) presents on "Between Conflict and Survival: Unravelling the drivers of migration across the Mediterranean in 2015" at the University of London.

11 January: Nando Sigona (MEDMIG Project) presents on "Navigating the Central Mediterranean: experiences, discourses and responses" at SOAS, London.

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Recent Research Outputs

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Unauthorised migration beyond structure/agency? Acts, interventions, effects

by Vicki Squire, Crossing the Med Project. Published in Politics (early view online).

Border Control and the Precarious Lives of Migrants in Italy

MEDMIG Project, Border Criminologies, 12 December 2016

Crossing the Mediterranean Sea by Boat: Second Evidence Brief

Crossing the Med Project, 1 December 2016

Mediterranean Missing Project Film (Subtitles available: Arabic and Italian)

Mediterranean Missing Project. 30 November 2016

Flags flying up a Trial Must: reflections on the Hotspot Mechanism in Mytilene.

Transcapes Project, 8 November 2016

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