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NSS Now Open For PAIS Finalists

nss_2017_logo_english.pngThe National Student Survey (NSS) is now open at the link below. In partnership with our students, we have built the department together. Thank you! We’d love your feedback on the time you have spent with us.


Why else complete the survey?

  • £5 Eating@Warwick Credit if you complete online.
  • We’ll donate £3 for each response to the Warwick Cancer Research Centre (our finalists' chosen charity)
  • It will take just 5 minutes to complete

Most importantly, your feedback matters and makes a huge difference as shown on our You Said We Did page.

The £5 Eating @ Warwick credit is available throughout the survey period. Simply send your confirmation email – after completing the survey - to to receive your £5.

The results are highly visible, often reported in the media and used by prospective students to help make their university choices. Their high profile has delivered positive, progressive change for PAIS students.

Last year PAIS achieved 97 per cent for overall satisfaction. This placed us top of the University and No 1 out of all Politics departments in the Russell Group (an elite group of 24 leading teaching and research institutions in the UK).

Mon 06 February 2017, 09:44 | Tags: Front, UG

CSGR China Conference

This week the Hallsworth Conference on China and the Changing Global Order was held in Manchester on Thursday 23rd and Friday 24th March. Organized by Catherine Jones, André Broome, Matthias Kranke, and Pablo Rodríguez-Merino from PAIS in collaboration with Shogo Suzuki from the School of Social Sciences at the University of Manchester, the conference brought together 60 delegates from over 15 countries around the world to discuss new research papers from a range of disciplinary sub-fields across International Relations and International Political Economy. The conference discussions focused on critical questions such as how China’s rise is changing the global order, whether China’s visions for global order represent a viable alternative mode of global governance, and how more Sino-centric global governance institutions will shape international power relations.

Plenary speakers at the conference included: Professor Kerry Brown, King's College London; Dr Lai-Ha Chan, University of Technology Sydney and Princeton University; Professor Rosemary Foot, University of Oxford; Dr Yang Jiang, Danish Institute for International Studies; Professor Katherine Morton, University of Sheffield; Professor Edward Newman, University of Leeds; Professor John Ravenhill, Balsillie School of International Affairs; and Professor Yongjin Zhang, University of Bristol.

A selection of research papers that were presented at the conference will be published online later this year in the Hallsworth China Forum, a special collection within the CSGR Working Paper Series.

Further information:


Fri 24 March 2017, 13:04 | Tags: Front, Staff, CSGR, Research Events, Research

PAIS academic co-organises event on Brexit, trade and health

Brexit Health eventTogether with Dr Nicolette Butler from the University of Manchester and Zoltán Massay-Kosubek from the European Public Health Alliance (whose staff also provided excellent support), Dr Gabriel Siles-Brügge recently co-organised an event on Brexit, trade and health, also moderating one of its sessions 'Post-Brexit Trade and Investment Policy'. The event was funded through an ESRC IAA from the University of Manchester.

The purpose of the event was to refocus the discussion of Brexit, often couched very narrow legal and economic terms, around the impact that a new economic arrangement will have on public health.

The event featured leading academics and prominent policy practitioners, including the Head of the NHS Confederation Office in Brussels (Elisabetta Zanon) and Irish MEP Marian Harkin (ALDE).

For more information about the event and speakers, see the event webpage ( or look up the Twitter hashtag #BrexitHealth.

Together with Dr Butler, Dr Siles-Brügge is a Scientific Advisor to EPHA on trade and investment issues.

Thu 23 March 2017, 11:40 | Tags: Front, Staff, CSGR, Impact, International Political Economy

Dr Steven Kettell Research Quoted by Christian Today

Steve Kettell photoDr Steven Kettell's research has been extensively quoted by Christian Today.

Steven Kettell, points out that the US Christian right is enjoying a resurgence under the new presidency of Donald Trump, one in which its influence appears to be renewed as the source of 'religiously inspired policy-making'.

And he acknowledges that, 'Compared to their US counterparts, conservative Christians in Britain are far fewer in number, tend to engage with a different set of issues, are typically more left-of-centre in their economic outlook and have far less political clout.'

The full article, titled Does Britain Have A 'Christian Right' And If So How Successful Is It?, can be viewed here.

Mon 13 March 2017, 10:33 | Tags: Staff, PhD, Research

Professor Richard Aldrich Receives the 2017 ISS Distinguished Scholar Award

Richard Aldrich photoWe are delighted to announce that Professor Richard Aldrich was given the Distinguished Scholar Award by the Intelligence Studies Section at ISA 2017 in Baltimore.

The Intelligence Studies Section Distinguished Scholar Award recognises a distinguished record in publishing and service to ISA by a scholar whose work has made substantial impact in the area of intelligence studies.

At the reception honouring Richard’s work, the section chair emphasised the strong contribution that PAIS as a whole had made to Intelligence Studies over the last ten years.

Thu 09 March 2017, 09:57 | Tags: Front, Staff, PhD, MA, UG, International Relations and Security

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