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NSS Now Open For PAIS Finalists

nss_2017_logo_english.pngThe National Student Survey (NSS) is now open at the link below. In partnership with our students, we have built the department together. Thank you! We’d love your feedback on the time you have spent with us.


Why else complete the survey?

  • £5 Eating@Warwick Credit if you complete online.
  • We’ll donate £3 for each response to the Warwick Cancer Research Centre (our finalists' chosen charity)
  • It will take just 5 minutes to complete

Most importantly, your feedback matters and makes a huge difference as shown on our You Said We Did page.

The £5 Eating @ Warwick credit is available throughout the survey period. Simply send your confirmation email – after completing the survey - to to receive your £5.

The results are highly visible, often reported in the media and used by prospective students to help make their university choices. Their high profile has delivered positive, progressive change for PAIS students.

Last year PAIS achieved 97 per cent for overall satisfaction. This placed us top of the University and No 1 out of all Politics departments in the Russell Group (an elite group of 24 leading teaching and research institutions in the UK).

Mon 06 February 2017, 09:44 | Tags: Front, UG

Europe in Question Round Table: Crossing Borders in a Turbulent European Union

The European Union is experiencing considerable turbulence, both in the domestic politics of its member states and in its international environment. A key characteristic of this turbulence are the close linkages between what is seen as ‘domestic’, ‘European’ and ‘international’, with many tensions and disputes rooted in at least two of these domains. This round table event is designed to explore these linkages and their political consequences with a focus on one area of concern: borders and their maintenance or modification. The event takes place on Thursday 18th May, at 6pm, in OC0.04, The Oculus.

Despite ideas of a ‘borderless world’ that have gained currency as part of globalization, there is no doubt that borders retain substantial symbolic and practical importance, and that if anything this has increased in recent years. The tension between borders as barriers and as crossing-places can be seen in a range of European and international processes:

  • Peace-building and conflict transformation
  • Integration and disintegration
  • Migration and its management
  • Movement of goods and capital

In this round table, we focus especially on issues relating to peace-building and conflict transformation, and migration and its management. Speakers will present a range of views focusing on the politics of North/South relations in Ireland, of Scotland’s place within the United Kingdom, of Cyprus and of migration into the EU and its member states, with the aim of uncovering the conceptual and political dimensions of border management in a turbulent EU.

Dr George Christou, PAIS
Dr Dallal Stevens, Warwick Law School
Francie Molloy, MP (Mid-Ulster, Sinn Fein)
Don Flynn, Founder and Former Director of Migrants' Rights Network
Chair: Professor Michael Smith, PAIS

Register for the free event here:

Tue 25 April 2017, 13:59 | Tags: Front, Staff, PhD, MA, Research Events

Giulia Tercovich edits the latest peacekeeping profile of Italy in 'Providing for Peacekeeping'

PAIS GEM Fellow Giulia Tercovich has published the most recent peacekeeping profile of Italy in Providing for Peacekeeping. Providing for Peacekeeping is an independent research project of the International Peace Institute, the Elliott School at George Washington University, and the Asia Pacific Centre for the Responsibility to Protect at the University of Queensland.

Italy’s profile is available here:

peacekeeping profile of Italy in Providing for Peacekeeping

Fri 21 April 2017, 11:08 | Tags: Front, Staff, PhD, International Relations and Security, Research

'The Epistemology of Counterterrorism' Event

'The Epistemology of Counterterrorism' Event - 12th May - Scarman House

The Epistemology of Counterterrorism

Colleagues and PhD students are welcome to attend this free event on the epistemologies and suspect assumptions which underwrite the War on Terror, run by Prof Quassim Cassam (Philosophy) and Dr Charlotte Heath-Kelly (PAIS). The event is funded by Professor Cassam's AHRC leadership award on intellectual vices.

The program can be found here: 

Places are free, but limited. Please register your interest by emailing Professor Cassam:

Speakers include Professor Ruth Blakeley, Professor Richard Jackson, Dr Andrew Neal, Dr Lee Jarvis, and many more!

The Warwick speakers include Prof Jon Coaffee (PAIS), Prof Andrew Williams (Law), Prof Quassim Cassam (Philosophy) & Dr Charlotte Heath-Kelly (PAIS).

Wed 19 April 2017, 10:30 | Tags: Front, Staff, PhD

New publications from Professor Peter Burnell

Peter BurnellMarch sees publication of the fifth revised and updated edition of the popular Oxford University Press textbook Politics in the Developing World. The textbook is edited by Professor Peter Burnell, Lise Rakner and Vicky Randall, together with publication of Peter’s chapter ‘From supporting democracy to supporting autocracy’ in the fourth revised and updated edition of Daniele Caramani’s highly successful Oxford University Press book Comparative Politics (at chapter 25, pages 437-52).

Peter’s new research paper in the CSGR Working Paper series, International Party Assistance by ‘Bad Guys’ has also been published.

The Working Paper develops an agenda for researching international support for political parties and politicians in other countries by so called leading autocracies, and for comparing the findings with the political party support that is provided within the context of international democracy promotion. Although framed largely within the context of autocracy support to countries that are not consolidated liberal democracies, the Paper has relevance to the currently much publicised issue of Russian interest in political parties in some European countries and the United States too.

The paper can be read here:

Thu 13 April 2017, 12:01 | Tags: Staff, CSGR

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