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PAIS Department NSS Results: 94% Overall Satisfaction

NSS Logo 2017We would like to thank all our students, recent graduates, and academic and administrative colleagues for our outstanding results in the 2017 National Student Survey (NSS). Every year finalists complete the NSS across the UK and it is a key component of league tables published in the media, in which PAIS is a consistently high performer.

We are delighted to announce that in the 2017 NSS we have achieved an overall satisfaction rating of 94 per cent. We are the leading department in the Faculty of Social Sciences for overall student satisfaction and second in the University (the Institution, as a whole, has achieved 86 per cent) and the Provost has sent us her personal congratulations on this terrific result.

Among Russell Group competitor institutions (an elite group of leading teaching and research universities in the UK), Politics at Warwick is ranked: *

  • No 1 for student voice
  • No 1 for learning opportunities
  • No 2 for overall satisfaction
  • No 2 for assessment and feedback
  • No 2 for teaching
  • No 2 for learning community
  • No 3 for academic support
  • No 3 for organisation and management

Other key NSS headlines: **

  • PAIS is No 1 in the University for assessment and feedback
  • PAIS is No 2 in the University for organisation and management
  • PAIS is No 3 in the University for student voice

We look forward to working in partnership with our amazing students and dedicated staff to sustain and build on these strong results, which reflect our deep commitment to research-led teaching excellence.

At the start of the new academic year we will feedback in greater detail to all students and we will discuss and take forward ideas for further enhancement of the PAIS student experience via our Student Staff Liaison Committee (SSLC).

To all of our current and incoming students: we hope you enjoy the rest of the summer vacation and we look forward to seeing you all in October.

*These figures are based on the 15 Russell Group institutions for which there is publishable data for the subject of Politics in 2017.

**These figures are based on the 22 University of Warwick academic departments for which there is internal publishable data in 2017

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Professor Franklyn Lisk Gives Keynote Talk at Nazarbayev University, Astana

profile.jpgProfessor Franklyn Lisk was invited to be the keynote speaker at the opening ceremony on 17th August 2017 of the Inaugural Conference of the Graduate School of Public Policy (GSPP) at Nazarbayev University (NU), Astana, 17-19 August.

The mission of the GSPP is to promote the development and quality of life in Kazakhstan and the Central Asian region through good public policy aimed primarily at improvement in good governance, diversification of the economy, and institutional reforms. The GSSP conference, which had as it theme "Good Governance and Economic Diversification in Resource-rich Economies", brought together about 75 participants from academic, governmental and private institutions in Asia Pacific, Europe and North America. My keynote address entitled, "Promoting Good Governance in Natural Resources Management for Sustainable Development: Towards a Framework for Transparency and Accountability" (attached) was well received and generated a lively Q&A session afterwards. In a vote of thanks, the Dean of the GSPP, Prof Weng Tat Hui, expressed great satisfaction with the address which he found "insightful" and “personally benefitted from".

NU which was established in 2011 and named after the President of Kazakhstan is arguably the best university in the post-Soviet space between China and the Polish border. It teaches entirely in English, and its strategic international university partners include, Cambridge, UCL, Duke, Pittsburgh, Colorado school of Mines and the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, National University of Singapore. NU is also a founding member of the recently established Asian Universities Alliance of Leading Universities, and it aspires to become a research -intensive university of international standing.

Warwick is the top-recruiting UK University in Kazakhstan with a stable student population of about 70 - a position and reputation that has been significantly enhanced by our collaborative relation with NU since 2013. Past and current areas of collaboration include Foundation Year Programme, School of Engineering, Public Policy and Diplomacy and Capacity-building for Professional Services and International Cooperation departments, as well as student mobility activities. In this regard, PAIS is currently collaborating with NU through its participation in a multi-university Horizon 2020-funded research project, EL-CSID. Many visits have taken place between academics/researchers and professional staff of both universities, and high level meetings have occurred including a meeting of the then two Provosts (Stuart Croft and Anne Lonsdale) in December 2015). A draft MoU is now being considered by both universities by which a strategic international partnership relationship between the two institutions will be formalised.

In addition to meeting with the Dean and academics of the GSPP, Professor Lisk also had a meeting with the Provost and head of NU Prof Ilesanmi Adesida and his senior management team engaged in international cooperation and global partnership including the Vice-President for International Cooperation, Ms Kadisha Dairova, and the Director for Global Experience Sharing, Ms Madina Aitakannova. The possibility of Prof Adesida visiting Warwick later this year or early next year was mentioned in their discussion on the establishment of strategic partnership between Warwick and NU. Prior to my visit to Astana, Franklyn had been briefed by the Executive Office of the V-C and the Office of Global Engagement in preparation for his meeting with the NU Provost and his team.

You can read Professor Lisk's keynote speech here.

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Jennifer Philippa Eggert Writes Blog for the International Peace Institute

PAIS PhD candidate Jennifer Philippa Eggert has written a blog post on the evolving roles of women in IS. The piece, titled "Women in the Islamic State: Tactical Advantage Trumps Ideology" has been published on the blog of the International Peace Institute in New York

The blog can be read here:

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Warwick Q-Step Centre Masterclasses

From 17/18, in addition to regular "QS" modules, the Warwick Q-Step Centre is offering a range of different masterclasses in quantitative social science methods. This is part of the original QStep bid, in order to position the centre among other postgraduate quantitative degrees.

This year, topics include Reproducibility, Quantitative text analysis, Web data collection, Geostatistics, Inferential network analysis, Machine learning, Agent-based simulation and Longitudinal data analysis. All masterclasses are designed as comprehensive but gentle introductions to methods that are not covered at length in core method modules. They are intended to broaden the students horizons and provide concepts and tools to be applied in future research projects.

The masterclasses are open in priority to PG QM students in PAIS, Sociology and CIM. Depending on availability, they may be opened to other students and staff. More precisions to follow in October.

For questions and suggestions:

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Vincenzo Bove's article the most read in The Journal of Politics

Vincenzo Bove's article “Does Immigration Induce Terrorism?”, co-authored with Tobias Böhmelt from the University of Essex, is the most read article ​of ​all published articles in The Journal of Politics within the past 12 months.

The article is available here:

Tue 15 August 2017, 13:01 | Tags: Staff

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