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Lisa Tilley


Research Associate

Email: Lisa dot Tilley at warwick dot ac dot uk

Room: E1.09

Lisa Tilley is currently working in PAIS as Research Associate on the Newton Funded project: The Everyday Political Economy of Urban Resettlement. She is also co-convener of the Raced Markets collaborative research project with QMUL and Associate Editor of the Global Social Theory pedagogical resource. Her wider research explores material approaches to ‘the colonial question’, as well as regimes of racial and gendered difference in relation to processes of accumulation and dispossession in economies of extraction. She has published work in relation to debates within political economy, political ontology, post/decolonial thought, and decolonial methodology, and her latest article on the ethics and economics of research methods, Resisting Piratic Method by Doing Research Otherwise, will soon be published with the journal Sociology. Lisa also won a 2016 Warwick Award for Teaching Excellence for her decolonial pedagogical innovations in PAIS.

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