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International Political Economy

The IPE Cluster represents a wide range of expertise in PAIS that supports its longstanding and global reputation in the field. It brings together scholars undertaking cutting-edge research in the areas of international economic management and global governance, feminist political economy, the political economy of gender, everyday and cultural political economy, international development, history of economic thought and classical political economy, the political economy of trade and finance, rising powers, ethics, business culture, and the conceptualization of systemically important financial institutions, comparative political economy, the political economy of energy transitions and more.

The Cluster also contains regional and country-specific expertise, including scholars working on Western Europe, East, Southeast and South Asia, as well as South Africa, India, Turkey and Mexico.

Currently, there are twenty-three members of staff and more than twenty doctoral students undertaking research within the field of IPE at PAIS.

Key research themes


Classical political economy
Capitalism and the nation-state
Feminist Political Economy and Gender Studies
Financial markets
Global governance
International development

Research activities


The Centre for the Study of Globalisation and Regionalisation (CSGR) is a research centre with an intellectual focus of the changing nature of global order and the relationship between global and regional levels of analysis. It is the largest academic centre in Europe dealing with this subject area.

The research area of International Political Economy is also promoted through teaching workshops, research workshops, debates and cluster meetings.

News and headline events


IPE Cluster and IAS hosts 'Narratives in and of Economics' Roundtable

15th June 2016


The IPE Cluster and Institute of Advanced Study at Warwick hosted a roundtable event on 15th June on 'Narratives in and of Economics'. The event was designed to bring together established and early career academics to discuss issues of political economy and economic methodology. Visiting speakers included Professor Sheila Dow (Stirling), Professor Roger Backhouse (Birmingham) and Professor Ben Fine (SOAS). There were also contributions from IPE Cluster members Chris Clarke, Jack Copley, Tobias Pforr and Nick Taylor.

Annual IPE Lecture with Dr Owen Parker

18th May 2016

Owen Parker lecturePAIS hosted the Annual IPE Lecture on Wednesday 18th May, this year delivered by Dr Owen Parker. The Annual Lecture honours an outstanding contributor to the field of IPE broadly conceived. Dr Parker is Senior Lecturer in European Politics at the University of Sheffield and his research is situated between the fields of international theory and European studies, broadly concentrating on the relationship between Europe as a political and economic project . The lecture was entitled 'Critical Political Economy and mobility in the EU: Or, is there something rotten after all in the state of Denmark?' It explored the tensions and contradictions between social democratic and neoliberal approaches to migration and human mobility in the EU on the one hand, and the economic crisis on the other.


(See IPE Calendar for details)

6th October 2016, IPE Cluster Business Meeting

21st October 2016, Nicholas Shaxson talk on 'National Competitiveness and the Finance Curse'

25th January 2017, ANNUAL IPE LECTURE: Diane Elson, Emeritus Professor, University of Essex.

Annual IPE Lecture
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Warwick Subprime Workshop


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