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21st-Century Theories of Literature: Essence, Fiction, and Value



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Whilst aestheticians in the Analytic tradition and literary critics may engage with each other’s fields in individual works, collections, and particular collaborations, particularly now that interdisciplinarity is becoming more of a sought after criterion in the academic sphere and in funding applications, there are still too few conference platforms that directly and explicitly promote this interaction.

This conference seeks to capitalise upon such works as Terry Eagleton’s The Event of Literature (which surprised many by systematically engaging with analytic philosophy) and the all-too-rare live interaction between literary critics and philosophers (such as Peter Lamarque and Derek Attridge at York’s ‘Contemporary Aesthetic Education’ event) in order to develop active relationships and reap the benefits of such collaboration.

This conference will bring together established and postgraduate literary critics and philosophers in a way that seeks to broaden the horizons of each area of study - namely, through direct and open engagement with one another on matters relevant to the realms of Analytical aesthetics and literary theory, while attempting to bridge some of the gaps between the Continental and the Analytic schools of thought by stressing the extent to which each can feed into the other when confronted with shared themes.

The call for papers is now closed but can still be found in the above tabs or by clicking here.

Confirmed Speakers:

Keynotes: Prof. Sergia Adamo (Trieste), Prof. Catherine Belsey (Swansea), Prof. Gregory Currie (York), Prof. Peter Lamarque (York), Prof. Stein Haugom Olsen (Østfold), Prof. Jean-Michel Rabaté (Pennsylvania)

Breakout sessions: Dr. Derek Allan (Australian National University), Murat Celik (Sussex), Dr. Eva Dadlez (Central Oklahoma) and Chelsea Haramia (Colorado), Dr. Alison Denham (Oxford/Tulane), Michael Ducey (Cincinnati), Dr. Ingrid Vendrell Ferran (Marburg), Prof. Manuel García-Carpintero (Barcelona), Dr. Roberta Gefter Wondrich (Trieste), Marianna Ginocchietti (Trieste/Sheffield) and Giulia Zanfabro (Trieste/Warwick), Dr. Keren Gorodeisky (Auburn), Prof. Wolfgang Huemer (Parma), Prof. Derek Matravers (Open University/Cambridge), Dr. Aleksandar Mijatović (Rijeka), Dr. Jukka Mikkonen (Tampere), Dr. Andrea Milanko (Zagreb), Prof. Andy Mousley (DMU), Samuel O'Donoghue (UCL), Dr. Magdalena Ostas (Boston), Janice Sant Balzan (Cardiff), Ery Shin (Oxford), Dr. Mark Silcox (Central Oklahoma), Prof. Sarah Worth (Furman), Prof. Tzachi Zamir (Hebrew University of Jerusalem), Dr. Heiko Zimmermann (Trier)


Dr. Eileen John, Philip Gaydon , Andrea Selleri

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This conference is supported by the generous funding of the British Society of Aesthetics, Warwick HRC, the American Society for Aesthetics, The Analysis Trust, and Warwick's International Office, Institute for Advanced Study, and Philosophy Department.




University of Warwick

27th-29th March, 2014