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Evaluating Impacts of Public Engagement and Non-Formal Learning

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Previous Seminar Events (Archive Access)


About the Seminar Series

About the Seminar Organiser


For further information or to raise any queries, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us:

Seminar Series Support Officer: Monae Verbeke - or

Seminar Organiser: Dr Eric Jensen - 

Previous Seminar Events (Archive Access)

Recordings and related resources from seminar events that have already taken place can be accessed for the same cost as the webinar option (£20 per seminar, or £10 for students / unwaged). See 'Web Access Option' below for further details.

Previous events currently available include:

'Evaluating Impacts: Core Issues and Debates' (see programme for content: (PDF Document))

'Surveying impact: Using Questionnaires to Evaluate Impact' (see programmes for content - includes content from two overlapping seminars): 16 Nov. 2011 event (PDF Document) and 24 Feb. 2012 event (PDF Document) Seminar Programme

Examples of survey forms for evaluating impacts of pupils engagement with heritage: Pre-programme (pg.1, pg. 2), End-of-Day (pg.1, pg. 2), teacher information sheet.

'Questions of Quality: Qualitative Methods of Evaluating Impact' (see programme for content: (PDF Document) 

'Going Beyond the Usual Publics: Evaluating How to Reach New Audiences and Non-Visitors' (see programme for content: (PDF Document) )

'Technologies of Evaluation Research: Evaluation Online and Evaluating Online Engagement, and Software Analysis Tools' (see programme for content: (PDF Document))

'Evaluating Impacts of Non-formal Learning and Public Engagement on School Pupils, Teachers and Adolescents' (see programme for content: (PDF Document)). See a VIDEO and Powerpoint Slides from this event!

'Advanced Training Seminar in Qualitative Impact Evaluation'

You can register for access to these events here

About the Warwick Seminar Series on 'Evaluating Impacts'

This seminar series brings together leading researchers and practitioners to discuss evaluation of impacts in public engagement and non-formal learning. These seminars will address how museums, festivals, zoos, universities, science centres, galleries, schools and other organisations with an interest in engagement, learning or communication can use good quality evaluation evidence to understand and enhance their impacts. Both practical and conceptual issues will be considered, as each of the main evaluation research data collection and analytic tools are discussed in turn.

Running from November 2011 to September 2012, this seminar series offers insights, skills development and networking opportunities for those who currently, or are planning in future to, conduct or commission evaluations of impacts. It will also be highly valuable to those who commission or use evaluation and research evidence to inform their practice. Moreover, these seminars will help anyone interested in public engagement, communication or learning to be a ‘critical consumer’ of research on impacts. For further information, please contact Dr Eric Jensen:

The support of the University of Warwick, the British Science Association, the Dana Centre and the Wellcome Trust for this seminar series is gratefully acknowledged.

About the Seminar Organisers

Dr Eric Jensen is Associate Professor of Sociology at the University of Warwick and Associate Education Fellow at Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust. He is an experienced evaluation researcher in many different contexts (e.g. festivals, museums, zoos), with numerous peer-reviewed publications on public engagement published in top ranked journals such as Public Understanding of Science and books such as Investigating Science Communication in the Information Age (Oxford University Press). He recently had commentaries published in the journal Nature and the British Science Association publication People & Science and forthcoming in the journal Visitor Studies on the urgent need for substantial improvements in the quality and sophistication of evaluation of impacts in the field of public engagement, informal learning and science communication.

Dr Jensen’s previous research projects include evaluation studies of impacts conducted at the University of Cambridge Museums, ZSL London Zoo, Durrell Wildlife Park, the Cambridge Science Festival and Festival of Ideas and the Fitzwilliam Museum. Recent work with the Natural History Museum centred on developing an integrated evaluation and research framework that can ensure that rigorous long-term evaluation is integrated with the continual development of non-formal learning and public engagement practice. He has also set up digital evaluation frameworks for the University of Cambridge Museums and other institutions, and is co-PI and research lead on the Qualia project which is developing an evaluation app for the arts and culture sector:

At the University of Warwick, Dr Jensen lectures on the practice of social research and quantitative, qualitative and mixed methods research methods, as well as co-convening the MSc programme in Science, Media and Public Policy. Dr Jensen’s publications can be accessed at:

Monae Verbeke is a PhD candidate with the University of Warwick. Monae's research focuses on the impacts of science communication on the topics of environmental risk and human-animal interactions. She has assisted Dr Jensen on a number of research projects including those for the National Gallery and Cheltenham Festivals.

Emma Pegram - Core Issues and Debates

Tom Ziessen - Core Issues event

Image of Audience - Core Issues and Debates



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