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Telephone Campaign at Warwick

Have you just had a call from us?

GVWelcome to the new webpage for the Student Fundraising team here at Warwick! I’m Giselle, the Director of Regular Giving, and I coordinate all of the University’s regular giving activities, including the telephone campaign.

If you’ve recently been contacted by one of our students I hope you thoroughly enjoyed your time speaking to them. Our callers are all current Warwick students and they play a hugely important part in keeping the University connected to our global family of alumni, friends and supporters. Whether you graduated in 1968 or 2008, we always want to hear what you have been up too since graduating, and keep you updated with all the fantastic developments that have been happening here at Warwick.

As part of a global family, it’s our ethos to make the world a better place. Our callers not only keep us in touch with our friends, but also raise money for all the charitable causes we support here at Warwick. Last year we spoke with thousands of graduates and raised over £110,000. A fantastic achievement for which we are hugely thankful.

Without the support of our friends and alumni, we would not be able to run these great projects; whether it’s providing scholarships; finding new ways to beat cancer, or empowering students in Sub-Saharan Africa; your support is vital to work we do. And of course, our callers love to hear the interesting stories and insights from generations that came to Warwick before!

If you have any questions or comments, then please call me on 024 7655 2017 or email me at and I be happy to assist in any way I can.

With warmest regards,
Giselle Vreugde

p.s. If you would like to donate online, you can donate quickly and securely here

Good to talk to you too. I apologise if I talked too much, but I do enjoy the chats I have with you guys from the calling team. When the donation was set up I talked to a student who was from my own department and who knew my old lecturer plus one of my fellow students who now is a lecturer too, so that was also a good talk. Nice to walk down memory lane :-). Good luck with the studies!

Jes Lauritzen
Warwick Benefactor

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