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Ted Cruz gets booed - what does this mean for Trump's campaign?

Ted Cruz sensationally withheld an endorsement of Donald Trump at the Republican National Convention this week. Dr Ben Margulies from the Dept. of Politics and International Studies comments.

Thu 21 July 2016, 12:04 | Tags: Politics, USA, Politics and International Studies

Under-fire Hollande will use May talks to avoid Frexit

May to meet Hollande at critical time for French President in build-up to 2017 presidential elections.

Extra 750,000 school places needed in population surge

Dr Des Hewitt from the Centre for Professional Education shares his thoughts on the recent reports, suggesting that in the coming years there will be an increase of the number of places needed for children in schools...

Boris Johnson as Foreign Secretary - a snub to our allies?

Dr Oz Hassan gives his reaction to the appointment of Boris Johnson as Foreign Secretary.

Shale gas - why the Government's approach is flawed

Michael Bradshaw is Professor of Global Energy, Warwick Business School, and one of the authors of a report on the Future Role of Natural Gas in the UK for UKERC. He comments on the Committee on Climate Change’s three tests for a future shale gas industry.


Thu 07 July 2016, 14:40 | Tags: WBS

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