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What would be the impact of a Brexit on UK citizens and UK constitution? Asks Dr Tom Flynn

"'We want out country back’, say the leave campaign. The problem is, they can’t get it back because they never lost it.

Mon 20 June 2016, 14:45 | Tags: Politics, Expert comment, Britain

For the economy, Brexit would be an act of economic self-harm, Dr Dennis Novy provides expert insights

Dr Dennis Novy, Associate Professor of Economics at the University of Warwick provides expert insights on the economic issues surrounding the EU referendum.

Mon 20 June 2016, 13:18 | Tags: Politics, Economics, Expert comment, Economics and Finance

Dr David Webber on what a potential Brexit might mean for British football

The possibility of Britain leaving the European Union raises a number of issues that British football, and in particular the Premier League, might need to consider. Here, Dr David Webber Teaching Fellow in the Politics and International Studies department at the University of Warwick tackles those questions.

Can the EU cope with terrorism threats?

The EU faces one of the most pressing crises in its history, as it attempts to tackle terrorist attacks inspired by the radical Islamist organisation ISIS, writes Dr Oz Hassan, Associate Professor in the Politics and International Studies Department at the University of Warwick.

Past present and future: learning lessons about child sexual abuse and exploitation from the Savile and Hall enquiries

Associate Professor Christine Harrison from the Centre for Lifelong Learning shares her thoughts on the Jimmy Savile and Stuart Hall investigation, in light of the Dame Janet Smith review...

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