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Charles/Adams meeting – seeing it from both perspectives, by Kevin Hearty

Kevin Hearty, from Warwick Law School, says: "Although the meeting may be construed on the somewhat abstract collective level as one between Irish republicans and a figurehead of the long perceived ‘enemy’, there is a much more personalised element to it all..."

Tue 19 May 2015, 12:36 | Tags: Politics, Expert comment

"Steve Hilton is right - the public have a right to hold leaders accountable, part of which involves influencing how they are remunerated" - James Dempsey

"Steve Hilton is right," says James Dempsey, a Research Fellow from the Politics and International Studies Department. "The idea that control of an organisation should rest solely with the owners of that organisation does not represent either reality or a sensible approach to managing an economy..."

Deutsche Bank UK exit plan "not surprising" - Dr Dennis Novy

Reacting to news that Deutsche Bank is reviewing whether to move parts of its British divisions to Germany if the UK leaves the EU, University of Warwick economist Dr Dennis Novy said: "It is now clear that Britain will have an EU referendum. Businesses do not like uncertainty. Not surprisingly, many – like Deutsche Bank – are reviewing whether they should stay in Britain or move resources towards continental Europe."

It’s time to get the facts correct on the movement of people across the Mediterranean - Dr Dallal Stevens

"In an article in The Times newspaper today, 13 May 2015, entitled ‘EU is putting migrants at risk’, and in an interview on the BBC’s Today programme, the Home Secretary, Theresa May, made several claims regarding the European Commission’s proposals on how to address the ‘migration’ crisis in the Mediterranean. Unfortunately, a number of her points are inaccurate or misleading and are politicising a humanitarian crisis," writes Dr Dallal Stevens.

Wed 13 May 2015, 12:45 | Tags: Expert comment, Europe, Law

Employment is up but more needs to be done – Warwick Institute for Employment Research

Professor Chris Warhurst, Director of the Institute for Employment Research (IER) at the University of Warwick, and Dr Nick Sofroniou, a Principal Research Fellow at IER, have responded to the latest unemployment figures out today (13 May).

Wed 13 May 2015, 11:59 | Tags: Expert comment

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