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Europe will not be able to effectively handle the current migrant crisis until it faces up to its colonial past - Professor Gurminder Bhambra

Europe will not be able to effectively handle the current migrant crisis until it faces up to its colonial past, a sociologist from the University of Warwick will tell a major conference in Prague today (28 August).


Professor Gurminder Bhambra says current policies are undermining the very promise of cosmopolitanism by ostracising migrants and perpetuating the view that they pose a threat to Europe.

Fri 28 August 2015, 11:15 | Tags: immigration, News, Expert comment, International, Current Affairs

"He will be forever one of football's greats - but Michel Platini has no place in the reform of the game" - Dr David Webber

"Football will always remember Platini’s talents on the field," writes Dr David Webber, a specialist in the cultural political economy of football at the University of Warwick, “but as a central figure in Fifa’s malaise, he can have no future in the reform of the sport."

Thu 27 August 2015, 16:11 | Tags: Football, Expert comment, Politics and International Studies

Glasgow bin lorry crash a tragic accident, but research shows medical aspects of fitness to drive are poorly understood by many doctors

Dr Carol Hawley, Associate Fellow, Warwick Medical School, University of Warwick draws on her expertise of leading research for the DVLA to comment on the Glasgow bin lorry crash.

Wed 26 August 2015, 16:32 | Tags: WMS, Health, Expert comment, Health and Medicine

Nursery education – a hundred years of expansion and cuts - Dr Angela Davis

Dr Angela Davis of the University of Warwick History department comments in response to the Government plea to nurseries over free childcare, "Current Conservative government policy seems to be characterised by the desire to increase the number of children attending nursery education, particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds, but a reluctance to fund it. Their call to nursery providers for ideas about how to increase the number of funded hours for three-year-olds from fifteen to thirty, in line with their manifesto promise, seems emblematic of their quandary."

Wed 26 August 2015, 11:47 | Tags: Children, Academic Staff, Child care, Expert comment, Policy, Current Affairs

UK film tax relief is great news for the industry - Dr Jennifer Smyth

Dr Jennifer Smyth is a reader in History at the University of Warwick and teaches the MA in History and Film. Today she comments on the news that Government plans to extend tax breaks for the British film industry have been approved by the EU.

Fri 21 August 2015, 11:26 | Tags: Economics, Film & Television, Arts

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