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The largest number of Syrian refugees being resettled in Britain arrive today - Dr Hannah Jones

The largest number of the Syrian refugees being resettled in Britain following the Prime Minister’s promise to take 20,000 Syrian refugees over 5 years arrive today (Tuesday). Dr Hannah Jones, Associate Professor of Sociology at the University of Warwick comments,

Tue 17 November 2015, 15:31 | Tags: Sociology, Current Affairs, Social Affairs

The Paris summit on climate change will decide the fate of the planet - Dr Sam Adelman

"The Paris summit on climate change beginning on 30 November may be the most important international conference in history because it will quite literally decide the fate of the planet" says Dr Sam Adelman Associate Professor of Legal Theory and Comparative Human Rights in the University of Warwick School of Law.

Mon 16 November 2015, 15:57 | Tags: environment, Climate change, Expert comment, Law

Mental health under pressure, The King’s Fund briefing paper

Dr Deborah Biggerstaff, Mental Health and Wellbeing, Division of Health Sciences, Warwick Medical School discusses the pressures facing mental health care that have been highlighted in this week's (w/c 8 November) report.

Fri 13 November 2015, 13:37 | Tags: NHS, WMS, Health, Pyschology, psychiatry, Expert comment, Health and Medicine

Myanmar's 2015 general elections

Myanmar holds general elections on 8 November 2015 - the country's first elections since a nominally civilian government was introduced in 2011, ending nearly 50 years of military rule.

Kirsten McConnachie Assistant Professor, School of Law, briefly discusses the situation head of the elections. Dr McConnachie is available for media interviews. For further details please contact Nicola Jones, Communications Manager, University of Warwick 07824 540863 or


Fri 06 November 2015, 15:37 | Tags: Asia, Politics, Academic Staff, Law

Diversity at the top should not simply focus on meeting the numbers

Shainaz Firfiray, Assistant Professor of HR & Organisation at Warwick Business School discusses Lord Davies' Women on Boards report published today

Thu 29 October 2015, 11:18 | Tags: WBS, Academic Staff, Business and Management

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