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Contest for the Democratic Party nomination for President is really the one to watch

Dr Alexander Smith of the University of Warwick's sociology department is available to comment on the results of the Iowa caucus as Ted Cruz snatched a lead over Donald Trump yesterday.

Tue 02 February 2016, 13:31 | Tags: Academic Staff, Expert comment, Sociology

Tesco 'Prioritised Finances' Over Suppliers, Professor Godsell is available to comment

Britain's largest supermarket Tesco has "seriously breached" a legally-binding code to protect grocery producers by prioritising its own finances over the fair treatment of its suppliers, a new report has found. Professor Janet Godsell, of WMG at the University of Warwick is available for expert comment.

Tue 26 January 2016, 12:00 | Tags: Academic Staff, News, Supply Chains, Expert comment

Expert Comment: Professor Paul Jennings

Professor of Experiential Engineering, Paul Jennings comments on US plans $4bn for slef-driving rules..

Mon 18 January 2016, 09:12 | Tags: USA, Academic Staff, engineering, Expert comment, technology, WMG

The Death and Mourning for David Bowie

Following the recent death of David Bowie Deborah Lynn Steinberg, Professor of Gender, Media and Cultural Studies, takes a personal look at public mourning.

Tue 12 January 2016, 10:46 | Tags: News, Expert comment, Culture, Sociology, death

Prof Seán Hand: "We Can’t Carry On Like This" Round Two: the French Regional Elections 2015

The second and final round of elections in the 13 regions of France was always going to produce a win-win situation for the far-right FN. By capturing even one region, they could announce the end of a two-party system, and then seek to govern soberly in the run-up to presidential elections in 16 months. If they were to be blocked through tactical voting and fail to obtain any of the several winnable regions, they could denounce two-party collusion, present themselves as the denied voice of the people, and continue to blame France’s woes on lies, the government, the EU, the IMF, immigrants, globalisation, establishment, etc. etc, in preparation for a 2017 re-run.

Mon 14 December 2015, 11:27 | Tags: Finance, Arts

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