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Kompromat: it’s What We Don’t Know, Not What We Know

Donald Trump has described as "fake news" allegations that his election team colluded with Russia - and that Russia held compromising material about his private life. Here Profesor Mark Harrison explores the term kompromat, the Russian colloquial abbreviation, for “compromising evidence.

CPS files a momentous step in the fight for justice for the Hillsborough 96 says Dr David Webber

Dr David Webber comments on a momentous step in the fight for justice for the Hillsborough 96.

Fri 13 January 2017, 11:28 | Tags: Expert comment

Why police should treat the home secretary's speech as a 'hate incident' - expert comment

West Midlands Police has said the home secretary's speech at last year's Conservative Party conference is being treated as a "hate incident".

Associate Professor Hannah Jones argues her speech attempted to demonise and scapegoat migrants and ethnic minorities.

Sir Ivan Rogers: voice of reason in fraught diplomatic environment

It was reported yesterday that Sir Ivan Rogers - the UK's top diplomat in Brussels - has resigned from his role, ahead of the Brexit negotiaions.

Dr Megan Dee, Associate Research Fellow at the University of Warwick, discusses the implications of the situation.

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