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Symposium to celebrate much-loved twentieth-century poet

Professor Emma Mason, from the University of Warwick’s English and Comparative Literature Studies Department will lead a one day symposium on the popular but under-appreciated poet Elizabeth Jennings in Oxford this month, on Saturday 29 October.

Fri 21 October 2016, 11:47 | Tags: Faculty of Arts, Event, Academic staff, English

Army of agents to tackle corrupt officials, tax evaders, terrorists, and botnets as game theory gears up for the chaos of the modern world

Game theory has long been used to apply mathematical models of conflict and cooperation between intelligent rational decision-makers. Our world of lone wolf terrorists to corrupt officials has evolved, and game theory has evolved with it, thanks to research by the University of Warwick.

Thu 20 October 2016, 12:01 | Tags: University of Warwick, Big Data, Statistics, research, Academic staff

Leading organisations train 100,000 people in CPR on Restart a Heart Day

University of Warwick research highlights danger of lack of CPR knowledge

Tue 18 October 2016, 16:33

Depression’s physical source discovered; potential for new treatments

Understanding of the physical root of depression has been advanced, thanks to research by the University of Warwick, UK, and Fudan University, China.

Better, stronger: polymer breakthrough to improve things we use everyday

Medicine, mobile phones, computers and clothes could all be enhanced using the process for making paint, according to research by the University of Warwick.

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