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Warwick submarine team UK champions at international race

Students from WMG at the University of Warwick, who designed and built a submarine, were the UK champions at the 2017 International Submarine Race (ISR) in Washington DC, USA.

Thu 20 July 2017, 14:41 | Tags: University of Warwick, USA, WMG, International, Competition, Sciences

First Monash Warwick Alliance science PhD graduate receives degree

The first student from the Monash Warwick Alliance to receive their degree in person graduated at the University of Warwick this week.

Neutron beam from nuclear reactor used to produce safer cars

A partnership led by WMG at the University of Warwick, with the Institut Laue-Langevin (ILL), Tata Steel, and the Engineering and Physical Science Research Council (EPSRC) is using a stream of neutrons from ILL’s nuclear reactor in a new project to examine the safety critical welds in cars made with boron steel.

University receives multi-million pound grants to improve health of the world’s poorest people

The University of Warwick is to receive more than £7 million to find better ways of delivering healthcare to some of the world’s poorest people.

World’s largest Biology Olympiad comes to Coventry this summer

Over 260 young biologists from 68 countries will be coming to the University of Warwick to take part in this year’s International Biology Olympiad.

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