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Warwick research: believe you can stop climate change and you will

If we believe that we can personally help stop climate change with individual actions – such as turning the thermostat down – then we are more likely to make a difference, according to research from the University of Warwick.

How numbers help the world make sense: Warwick public lecture

How unlikely is it to win a lottery jackpot? Why do strange coincidences occur so often?

These questions – and more - will be answered by the world-famous statistician Jeff Rosenthal, during his public talk on randomness and probability at the University of Warwick next week.

Employability boosted by Warwick online tools

The employability and entrepreneurship skills of UK-educated Chinese students has been boosted, thanks to new online interactive tools – the only resources of their type in the UK - designed by the University of Warwick.

Warwick polymers in NASA-funded launch to high altitude

Anti-freeze polymers designed by the University of Warwick have been launched into high altitude as part of a successful NASA-funded project in the USA.

Babies cry most in UK, Canada, Italy & Netherlands

Babies cry more in Britain, Canada and Italy, than the rest of the world – according to new research by the University of Warwick.

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