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Research Publications

The Warwick Research Archive Portal (WRAP) and the University of Warwick Publications service are working together to enhance the impact of research outputs produced by the University of Warwick.

WRAP, is a showcase for the research of the University of Warwick. Items in WRAP are made available on open access, without barriers which raises the accessibility and visibility of our authors' work and support researchers in meeting the needs of their research funders.

The Publications service aims to create a complete record of all research outputs produced by the University; this listing can then be used to feed other internal processes, such as websites, annual review and the REF.

WRAP and the Publication Service

Both increase the global visibility of Warwick’s research outputs as well as creating a single, secure place to store publication information.

WRAP’s unique features include:

  • Open Access - Open Access is the idea that research should be made accessible online, at no charge, as soon after publication as possible to promote an accelerated exchange of ideas and information.
  • Full text held within the repository is kept at permanent URLs.
  • Exposed to indexing by search engines like Google.

The Publications Service serves these additional functions:

  • Creates a unique view of the full range of research created by Warwick researchers for potential collaborators, students and investors.
  • The Publications service only contains the citation information on each output allowing us to publicise content that cannot be made available for WRAP due to copyright and other restrictions.

The Publications service will accept a wide range of research outputs, including:

  • Books
  • Journal articles
  • Conference proceedings
  • Reports
  • Multimedia Items
  • Datasets

If you would like to deposit details of a type of output not listed here, please get in touch to discuss your deposit with the WRAP team.

WRAP will accept the same range of material, in full text, providing the rights can be verified. When adding your full text to WRAP we are most likely to be able to use the accepted version of the output (after peer-review and before publisher copy editing).

Depositing Content

  • Through the deposit form using your Warwick Username and Password
  • Directly into using your Warwick Username and Password. The guide 'How to deposit in the Publications service and WRAP' can be found at useful resources.
  • Email us details of your publications to
  • Departments can deposit through a departmental administrator. To do this please contact us to discuss your requirements

Support of Open Access Publishing

The Library also offers services to help support researchers engaging with open access publishing and administer the block grants provided to us by RCUK and the Wellcome Trust. Any publishing researcher, funded by RCUK or the Wellcome Trust, can apply to this fund to cover the cost of the open access article processing charges (APCs) charged by many publishers to publish in this way.

  • More information and to apply for funding
  • Learn more about open access generally


Latest Articles

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