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Each graduand is entitled to entry to the ceremony for up to two guests.

Additional guests (without entrance tickets to Butterworth Hall) are welcome to watch the live relay of the ceremony in the Cinema and on screens situated within Warwick Arts Centre. Additionally, the ceremony can be viewed from the permanent screen situated outside on Rootes building, close to the Arts Centre venue.

Alternately, we are now offering a live stream of the ceremony which can be viewed here, allowing family and friends to watch from the comfort of home.

  • There is no charge for guest tickets, entrance is free;
  • You reserve your guest tickets when you register online (ONLY TWO GUEST TICKETS ARE GUARANTEED PER GRADUAND but you can request up to a maximum of four tickets on the online registration form). If you have requested more than two tickets, you will be notified via email by Wednesday 12 July to confirm your allocation;
  • Guests who do not have entrance tickets, or those that do not wish to watch the entire ceremony, are welcome to watch a live relay in the Cinema and on the plasma screens located throughout the Warwick Arts Centre (wheelchair access is available throughout the Arts Centre building). The ceremonies will also be shown on the large permanent screen on Rootes building which is situated outdoors, viewed from the Piazza, close to the Arts Centre building;
  • You should indicate on the registration form if any of your (guaranteed) guests need accessible seating (we can only offer limited flat floor or aisle seats or space for a wheelchair user on a first come first served basis; please book early). As flat floor seating is extremely limited, please indicate on the form if your guest is able to transfer from their wheelchair to Hall seating (if necessary) or if a space for a wheelchair is required;
  • Your guests are welcome to either sit together or apart from one another. Those wishing to sit together should enter the Hall together;
  • Guests are not necessarily required to wear smart clothes, but as the ceremonies are a formal event, most do prefer to be dressed appropriately for the occasion (eg collar and tie);
  • Any guest(s) travelling by car but not travelling with the graduand should also use the Park & Ride facility and must not park on campus;


Additional guest tickets

If you have requested more than two guest tickets via the online form we will be in contact via email by Wednesday 12 July to confirm your allocation.

If we are not able to confirm further tickets, any spare tickets which become available on the day, will be issued strictly on a first-come first-served basis (subject to a maximum of one ticket per graduand). Any spare tickets may be collected from 08.30 (for 11.00 ceremonies), and from 11.30 (for 15.00 ceremonies). These may only be requested by the graduand, at the same time as collecting pre-allocated tickets from the Studio Theatre, in the Arts Centre.