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Scholarship and funding opportunities

Scholarships and Funding Database

Below you will find a database of postgraduate funding opportunities available at Warwick. You can filter the opportunities displayed using the tag boxes below. For example please select whether you're a Home/EU or Overseas fee paying student in the boxes below and then click "show selected" to see the opportunities most relevant to you.

You may also wish to visit our Research Council Funding webpage which provides further information about the funding Warwick receives through Research Council UK (RCUK) each year.

In addition we have a dedicated webpage for Funded Research Projects that is updated with new opportunities on a monthly basis.

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Postgraduate Loan Scheme - Masters Courses

Postgraduate Loan Scheme

The government have announced their intention to offer loans to students commencing Postgraduate Masters study in the 2016/17 academic year. Students can apply for a loan of up to £10,000 as a contribution towards course and living costs. Postgraduate Loans have to be paid back.

Further information on eligibility and how to apply can be found on the University's Student Funding web pages, link provided.

Wed 09 March 2016, 14:04 | Tags: Home/EU

Scholarships for Refugees- Postgraduate Scholarships

We are pleased to offer a range of new scholarships to support refugee students in the UK.

We will offer up to eight fully funded scholarships for postgraduate taught and research students in the first instance. These scholarships will be known as the Warwick Anniversary Scholarships.

The scholarships will be awarded to students of any nationality who hold one of the following statuses as granted by the UK government:

  • ‘Humanitarian Protection’
  • Full ‘refugee status’

Deadline: CLOSED

GREAT University of Warwick Scholarships India 2016

GREAT Britain Scholarship Campaign is the UK Government's most ambitious international campaign ever and showcases the very best of what Britain has to offer in order to encourage the world to visit, study and do business with the UK. University of Warwick GREAT Scholarships India 2016 are jointly funded by the GREAT Campaign and the University of Warwick and are now available for the 2016/2017 academic year.

Eligibility: To be eligible for an award you must:

- Be applying for a Masters course at the University to begin Autumn 2016

- Be an Indian national, residing in India

- Must not be in receipt of funding, either from Warwick or from another external funding body

Deadline: CLOSED

Application Details: No separate application form is required. Admissions tutors in departments will nominate their most outstanding candidates for nomination. All nominated candidates will be notified by the University in due course.

Thu 17 December 2015, 13:44 | Tags: Overseas

ESRC DTC Collaborative studentships

The Warwick ESRC DTC is curently offering a number of Collaborative Studentships which give students the opportunity to undertake study in collaboration with the public, private or voluntary sector and two Joint Studentships, one with the University of Birmingham and the other with the University of Nottingham.

Applications are now open for October 2016 entry.

Details of departments, training pathways, collaborating organisations, research topics, eligibility, application deadlines and how to apply can be found on the link provided.

Value: The ESRC award consists of a standard annual stipend of £14,296 and tuition fees of £4,121.

Fri 27 February 2015, 08:30 | Tags: Home/EU, Research Council Funded

Commonwealth Shared Scholarship Scheme

These scholarships are intended for students from developing countries who would not otherwise be able to afford to undertake Master’s level study in the UK, to gain skills and knowledge which will allow them to contribute to the development of their home countries.

The Taught Masters courses offered for the academic year 2016/17 by the University of Warwick in partnership with the Commonwealth Scholarships Commission are:

  • Analytical Science: Methods, Instrumentation and Techniques
  • Arts, Enterprise and Development
  • Biotechnology, Bioprocessing and Business Management
  • Economics
  • Economics and International Financial Economics
  • Food Security
  • Gender and International Development
  • International Development
  • International Development Law and Human Rights
  • Sustainable Crop Production: Agronomy for the 21st Century

Applications for 2016-17 entry are now closed.

In addition to the University's own online study application, applicants must submit a funding application via the Commission’s electronic application system by 16th March 2016. No late applications will be considered.

Value: Covers fees, a stipend and other allowances Eligibility: Open to all citizens of Commonwealth Countries

Chancellor's International Scholarships

For 2016/17 entry there will be 25 Chancellor's International Scholarships available to be awarded to the most outstanding international PhD applicants.

Applications for 2016/17 have now closed.

Value: Covers fees and an RCUK level stipend Eligibility: Open to all overseas PhD applicants in any discipline

Centres for Doctoral Training in the Sciences

At Warwick we have a number of Centres for Doctoral Training (CDT) in the Sciences offerring fully funded PhD positions. For more information please contact the CDTs directly.

Value: Covers fees and RCUK level stipend Eligibility: These awards are normally only open to Home/EU students

Tue 22 July 2014, 14:48 | Tags: Home/EU, Faculty of Science, Research Council Funded

Chevening Scholarships

Chevening Scholarships are the UK government’s global scholarship programme, funded by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) and partner organisations. The programme makes awards to outstanding scholars with leadership potential from around the world to study postgraduate courses at universities in the UK.

Applications for 2016/17 entry closed on 3rd November 2015.

Value: Covers fees and a Maintenance stipend Eligibility: See website

Tue 22 July 2014, 14:43 | Tags: Home/EU, Overseas

Warwick-China Scholarship Council

Joint PhD scholarships in collaboration with China Scholarship Council (CSC).

Value: Covers academic fees and a maintenance stipend Eligibility: Chinese citizens, all subjects

The Reid Trust Higher Education Grants for Women

The Reid Trust supports women educated in Britain who have appropriate academic qualifications and who wish to undertake further training or research in the United Kingdom.

Value: £250 - £1,000 Eligibility: Women educated in Britain (Applicants do not need to have been born in Britain.)

Thu 07 January 2016, 15:41 | Tags: Home/EU, Overseas

Japan-IMF Scholarship Programme

A two-year program intended to help Japanese nationals obtaining PhD degrees in macroeconomics and preparing them to work as economists at the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

Value: covers all reasonable expenses for two years Eligibility: Japanese citizens studying Macroeconomics

Thu 07 January 2016, 15:40 | Tags: Overseas

WMG Excellence Scholarships and bursaries

WMG is offering up to 50 scholarships to students commencing their studies on full-time MSc programmes beginning in October 2016. Also available are scholarships for students from specific countries.

Value: Up to 50% discount on tuition fees. Eligibility: Home and Overseas

Thu 07 January 2016, 15:36 | Tags: Home/EU, Overseas

Wolfson Postgraduate Scholarships

The University is delighted to have been selected as one of the few institutions in the UK to be awarded Wolfson Postgraduate Scholarships in Humanities.

Four generous scholarships of £27,666 per annum will be available to PhD students applying for entry in Autumn 2016 in the areas of History, Literature and Languages.

Applications for 2016/17 have now closed.

Value: Scholarships will be available at the level of £27,666 per annum for a maximum of three years.

Eligibility: Applicants must be applying to a department within the Arts Faculty or the Philosophy Department

Tue 22 December 2015, 10:12 | Tags: Home/EU, Faculty of Arts

Bridges- Leverhulme Doctoral Scholarship programme

Six PhD Scholarships are available via The Bridges Programme. The programme aims to provide PhD students with deep knowledge of contemporary research questions in the social sciences, and rigorous training in the mathematical and computational approaches needed to answer them. This programme is open to students interested in any area of the social sciences (e.g., Economics, Psychology, Political Science, or Sociology) or mathematical sciences (e.g., Statistics, Complex Systems, or Computer Science), and who are interested in bridging the boundaries between these domains.

Thu 29 January 2015, 11:11 | Tags: Home/EU, Faculty of Social Sciences, Faculty of Science

Warwick Medical School Scholarships

Two fully funded scholarships are available to the most outstanding Home/EU PhD applicants to the Warwick Medical School (WMS).

Applications for 2016-17 have now closed.

Value: Covers fees and an RCUK level stipend Eligibility: Home/EU students

Tue 22 July 2014, 14:57 | Tags: Home/EU, Faculty of Medicine

CADRE Scholarships

The Centre for Arts Doctoral Research Excellence (CADRE) is offering up to 17 fully funded scholarships to the most outstanding Home/EU PhD applicants in the Arts.

Applications for 2016-17 entry have now closed.

Value: Covers fees and an RCUK level stipend Eligibility: These awards are normally only made to Home/EU students

Tue 22 July 2014, 14:55 | Tags: Home/EU, Faculty of Arts

Li Xiaoming Scholarship

A scholarship for a one year taught masters in memory of Li Xiaoming.

Applications for 2015-16 entry are now closed.

Value: £20,000 Eligibility: Chinese citizens, any subject

Tue 22 July 2014, 14:30 | Tags: Overseas

Commonwealth Scholarships for Developing Countries

A jointly funded scholarship with the Department of International Development (DfID).

Applications for 2015-16 entry are now closed.

Value: Covers academic fees, an RCUK level stipend and some travel/arrival costs Eligibility: Commonwealth Country Citizens

Fulbright-University of Warwick Award

One Fulbright-University of Warwick Award will be offered to pursue a one-year Master’s degree programme (or the first year of a longer Master’s or PhD programme) in any subject.

Applications for 2016-17 entry are now closed.

Value: Covers academic fee and £12,000 towards general maintenance costs Eligibility: US citizens, all subjects

Tue 22 July 2014, 14:07 | Tags: Overseas

The Warwick Marshall Scholarship

The Warwick Marshall Scholarship is awarded to one US citizen annually to undertake a postgraduate taught or research degree at the University of Warwick, normally for up to two years.

Applications for 2016-17 entry are now closed.

Value: Covers academic fees and living expenses Eligibility: US citizens, all subjects

Tue 22 July 2014, 14:04 | Tags: Overseas

Trudeau Foundation Scholarships

Please note: applications for 2016/17 entry have now closed.

This scholarship has continuously attracted the very best scholars in the social sciences and humanities, and funds individuals with a passion for public engagement and who are likely to become leading national and international figures.

Value: $60,000 CAD per annum (plus travel expenses) Eligibility: Canadian citizens studying a PhD in the Arts and Social Sciences

Tue 22 July 2014, 13:57 | Tags: Overseas, Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Social Sciences

Leverhulme Trade Charities Trust Postgraduate Bursaries

Welfare Support bursaries available to the children, spouses, widows or widowers of chemists, grocers and commercial travellers.

Value: Up to £5,000 Eligibility: See website

Tue 22 July 2014, 13:54 | Tags: Home/EU

Banco de México – FIDERH

FIDERH (Fund for Development of Human Resources) is a federal trust managed by the Central Bank of Mexico which has a mission to offer affordable loans to Mexican students to finance their graduate studies.

Value: $200,000 MXD per annum Eligibility: Mexican citizens, all subjects

Thu 17 July 2014, 15:43 | Tags: Overseas

Science without Borders

Science without Borders is a Brazilian Government scholarship programme which sends Brazilian students on PhD sandwich courses and full PhDs to selected universities around the world to study in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Value: Academic Fees and stipend plus return flights to Brazil Eligibility: Brazilian Citizens, studying science, technology, engineering and mathematics

Thu 17 July 2014, 10:53 | Tags: Overseas, Faculty of Science

Entente Cordiale Scholarships

These prestigious awards fund French Students who wish to study in the UK.

Value: Up to £10,000 Eligibility: French Citizens, all subjects

Thu 17 July 2014, 10:45 | Tags: Home/EU

Aerospace MSc Bursary Scheme

Value: up to £9,500 towards tuition fees Eligibility: Home/EU students studying the MSc Advanced Mechanical Engineering or MSc Manufacturing Systems Engineering

Thu 17 July 2014, 10:39 | Tags: Home/EU

World Wide Studies

World Wide Studies is an educational initiative aimed at encouraging Ukrainian youth to attain Master’s degrees in the world’s best Universities.

Value: Up to 60% of fees Eligibility: Ukrainian citizens studying degrees in Agriculture, Environment and Ecology, Law and Public Administration

Thu 17 July 2014, 10:22 | Tags: Overseas

OFID Scholarship Programme

OFID’s Scholarship Program sponsors outstanding young students from developing countries through graduate studies in a development-related discipline.

Value: see website Eligibility: citizens of developing countries (see website)

Thu 17 July 2014, 10:13 | Tags: Overseas

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