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SITS Upgrades & Outages




The outage schedule for SITS is agreed annually, this normally happens at the first SITS Development Group meeting of the academic year (usually held August - October). This group includes representation from the Academic Registrar's Office, the Deputy Registrar's Office, academic departments and IT Services.


Current Planned Outages (to the live [PROD] system)


Date Duration Reason Status
15th February 2017 1.0 day Operating System Patching Complete

10th and 11th May 2017

2.0 days System Upgrade to v9.3.0 Complete
7th June 2017 1.0 day Operating System Patching Confirmed - no planned outage
11th July 2017 TBC

3-4 hour outage to the Production environment to resolve ongoing issues with ACD

6th September 2017 1.0 day Operating System Patching Scheduled
15th November 2017 1.0 day Operating System Patching



Upgrade / Outage dates to the archive (KEEP), test (SITST) and development (USER) versions of the system will be communicated to interested parties as these become available.



The next SITS Upgrade will change the system from version 9.1.0 in a double upgrade through v9.2.0 to v9.3.0. When considering release notes you should view both v9.2.0 and v9.3.0.


Release Notes

These are available to University of Warwick staff only: Tribal (SITS) Release Notes