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Residential Staff

All students who have accommodation on campus are provided with an excellent networResidential Life Photok of support staff who are called the Residential Life Team. There are nearly 100 members of residential staff who live alongside students

The campus community is divided into residential areas, which are managed by a Warden, who is assisted by Deputy Wardens, Sub-Wardens and Resident Tutors. All of these roles report to the Director of Student Support and Residential Life.

The role of the residential team is

  • to promote the well-being of students within a specific area
  • the provision of advice and practical help to students who may encounter day to day or perhaps more long term problems at university
  • the implementation of the University Regulations with particular regard to the discipline necessary for effective communal life, through promoting and enforcing good order and discipline.
  • to provide welfare and pastoral care and to help foster a sense of community on campus
  • to build co-operation by setting an example, showing a flexible approach and being an active participant in the team.
  • to provide student development activities, to encourage and foster a spirit of community within the residences.

At the start of each year, Wardens work closely with Warwick Accommodation and the Director of Student Support and Residential Life, with the allocation of student rooms within Halls of Residences. They try to place students in areas with like minded people, but also from diverse backgrounds.

If you would like further information about the specific roles within the Residential Life Team or are interested in applying for a role, please email You must be a member of University staff or postgraduate student to apply. Positions are also advertised through Insite.