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Accommodation for Current Students for 2017/2018

General Application Information

Off campus accommodation options

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We manage over 2200 bed spaces in Coventry, Leamington Spa and Kenilworth. It will be possible to reserve properties from Wednesday of week 9 but we usually still have properties available until the end of term 3. New properties will also be added to the website throughout this period as and when we take new properties onto our management scheme.

You have four options to choose from:
  1. Form a group with other students and browse properties online.
  2. Create a one person group and browse rooms sold on an individual basis online.
  3. From term two you will be able to complete a form to be matched up with other students into properties: Individual application
  4. Take a room in a house with groups of students who have a vacant room or where a student is looking to find a replacement. Please go to: groups looking for housemates or tick the groups looking for housemates on the property search screen for 2017/2018.
    To advertise a room in a Warwick Accommodation property for 2017/2018 please complete the form at the following link: advertise a room
Latest Property News:

28/02/2017 - 4 Bed property added in Kenilworth P1005B. - 3x 4 bed PG properties added in Coventry P2328I,P2324I,P2320I

13/02/2017 - 5 bed property added in Coventry P0459F.

09/02/2017 - 7 bed property added in Leamington P0823C.

08/02/17 - 3 Bed UG property added in Coventry P0484. - 2 individual rooms added in Earlsdon P1167G.

26/01/17 - Numerous properties added in Coventry, ranging from 3-8 bed.

16/01/17 - 2 bed PG flat in Coventry P0642I.

13/01/17 - P0846H 4 bedroom property in Earlsdon, Coventry

12/01/17 - 6 bed property in Coventry P2680I - 4 bed property in Kenilworth P0809B - 4 bed property in Coventry P1942 - 4 bed property in Coventry P0051F - 7 bed property in Leamington P2637I - 3 bed PG property in Kenilworth P0684H.


Final year undergraduate campus accommodation 2017/2018

The application for Final Year Campus Accommodation is now closed.

Final Year Undergraduate Westwood Sharing Form 2017/2018

Applications for the Westwood Sharing scheme have been extended until midnight on Sunday 4 December 2016. For more information and to apply please click here