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Rootes is our largest hall with five blocks and accommodates 943 students in corridor style living. Students sharing the kitchen range from 12-19 which is ideal for forming strong long lasting friendships. It’s located very close to some of the University’s facilities including the Students’ Union and grocery store and is only a 10 minute walk to the Gibbet Hill campus.

Key Facts 2016/2017

39 week let length

Shared bathrooms

Weekly standard single fees £97
Annual standard single fees £3783

Weekly non standard single fees £94
Annual non standard single fees £3666

Weekly twin fees £70 / £65
Annual twin fees £2730 / £2535

Facilities hall comparison

Accommodation fees hall comparison

Hall features
  • First year undergraduate hall
  • Five blocks, 911 single rooms, 16 twin rooms
  • Self-catered
Bedrooms and bathrooms
  • Shared bathrooms including toilets, washbasins, showers and baths with overhead showers
  • Six students per bathroom
  • Washbasin in bedroom
  • Network port in all bedrooms
  • All bedrooms include wardrobe, desk, chair, bookshelf, wastepaper bin, bed linen, duvet and pillow
  • Standard single bed (UK single, 190cm x 91cm)
  • Average bedroom size 4.0m x 2.8m
  • Number of students per kitchen 12-19
  • Each kitchen includes cupboards, cooker(s), microwave(s), fridge(s), freezer(s), toaster(s), kettle(s) and an ironing board
Other facilities
  • Residential Staff
  • Launderette two minute walk
  • Wi-Fi in hall
  • Communal telephone
  • Campus accommodation fees include: heating, electricity, gas, water, insurance and internet connection

Please be aware that the hall description above provides a general overview and there may be differences within some bedrooms and areas.

During the year there will be building works carried out across campus. This may affect some halls but every effort will be made to keep noise, disruption and inconvenience to a minimum. We will keep all residents informed of works taking place close to their hall. Campus development works can be found at: Campus Timeline