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Sculpture Trail

Come and have some fun on the University campus using our Sculpture Trail leaflet. The leaflet includes three new sculptures just recently added to the collection and contains information about the artists and their sculptures.

Sculpture Trail Leaflet (PDF Document)

We have produced a new updated Sculpture Park Leaflet, which now includes information about the recent commission Habitat by David Nash and Days of Judgement Cat 1 by Laura Ford. These can be collected from the Box Office in Warwick Arts Centre.

We have also produced a children's Sculpture Trail Leaflet, activity sheets and clues to keep the children entertained on the way round.

Children's Sculpture Trail (PDF Document) 

Children's Sculpture Trail Activities (Word Document)

Clues for a Children's Mystery Sculpture Trail (Word Document)

If you are a teacher and would like some information on our sculpture trail you can download our Sculpture Trail Teachers' Pack

Teachers' Pack Sculpture Trail Guide (PDF Document)

Audio Sculpture Trail

Why not try our Audio Sculpture Trail? You can download the audio guide onto your own device or alternatively come to the Box Office in the Arts Centre and collect an MP3 player and headphones. For more information and downloads see our Audio Sculpture Trail page.