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Academic Resourcing Committee

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Membership 2016/17

Chair (the Provost or Pro-Vice-Chancellor, acting on behalf of the Vice-Chancellor and President)

Professor Christine Ennew

Deputy Chair, Academic Vice President

Professor Lawrence Young

Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Teaching and Learning)

Professor Christina Hughes

Academic Vice President

Professor Jan Palmowski

Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Research)

Professor Pam Thomas

Pro-Vice-Chancellor (External Engagement)

Professor Simon Swain

The Chairs of the Boards of the Faculties:

Professor Simon Gilson (Arts)

Professor Aileen Clarke (Medicine)

Professor Michael Shipman (Science)

Professor Christopher Hughes (Social Sciences) (until 1 January 2017)

Professor Matthew Nudds (Social Sciences) (from 2 January 2017)

Three members of the Senate, one from each Faculty:

Professor Daniel Branch (Arts)

Professor Nigel Stocks (Science)

Professor David Leadley (Science)

Professor Geoff Lindsay (Social Sciences)

Director of Quality Assurance and Enhancement

Professor David Lamburn

In Attendance

Ms Rachel Sandby-Thomas (Registrar)

Mrs Lesley Preston (Head of Finance (Departmental Services Team))

Dr Mike Glover (Academic Registrar)

Mr Andrew Smith (Finance Director)

Mr Samuel McClenaghan (Deputy Finance Director (Academic))

Mrs Gillian McGrattan (Director of Human Resources)

Dr Giles Carden (Director of Strategic Planning and Analytics)

Mr Rory McIntyre (Senior Assistant Registrar (Management Information and Planning))

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Terms of Reference

(1) To allocate departmental budgets for the support of academic activities within the overall envelope of funding for non-devolved departments allocated to the Committee each year and within the context of the University’s strategic goals and priorities.

(2) To monitor income and expenditure and achievement of plans by departments.

(3) To operate incentive schemes, including in relation to the recruitment of students and the pursuit of research grants and contracts.

(4) To consider bids for the establishment of new posts in the University in departments and academic service areas with non-devolved budgets against development funds voted for the Committee and/or savings created by the non-filling of vacancies.

(5) To consider bids to fill vacancies created in non-devolved departments and non-devolved academic service areas by retirement, resignation, etc.

(6) To recommend admissions targets for degree programmes to the Senate within overall planning targets set by the Steering Committee.

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Reporting Structure

The Academic Resourcing Committee reports to the Senate and to the Council via the Finance and General Purposes Committee.

The Committee receives reports from the Academic Activities Sub-Committee.

Click here to see a diagrammatic representation of the Committee Structure.

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Secretary: Dr Mike Glover (Academic Registrar) (Michael dot Glover at warwick dot ac dot uk or ext: 22785)

Assistant Secretary: Ms Carol Walker (Administrative Officer, Strategic Planning and Analytics) (Carol dot Walker at warwick dot ac dot uk or ext: 74800)

Papers for consideration by the Academic Resourcing Committee should be submitted to the Secretary one week in advance of the meeting at which they are to be considered.

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Dates of meetings of the Academic Resourcing Committee can be found within the University Committee Timetable.

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