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Occupational Health

The University's Occupational Health service is part of the Health and Safety Department.

The service is led by Jane Poole, Senior Occupational Health Adviser, with support from Jayne Watkin, Occupational Health Adviser. They are supported by an Occupational Health Physician, a Physiotherapist and administrative staff. Please see the contacts page for phone and email details.

What sort of things do we do

Occupational Health professionals have knowledge of what is likely to make people unwell at work. Working together with Health and Safety Advisers, Human Resource Advisers, managers and staff we can help make sure work places, and the jobs we do, are as safe as we can reasonably and practically make them. If a person has a disability or an ongoing health problem or if they are returning to work after absence, we can provide advice and support on suitable changes to help them stay in or return to work.

We provide health assessments for fitness to work and carry out Health Surveillance.

We can provide information to managers and staff on health matters, skin care and protection and well-being initiatives as well as providing more detailed advice on work related topics such as working with computers and manual handling. Information can also be found by following links in the Policy, Arrangements & Guidance.

What else do I need to know?

All Occupational Health staff work under a professional code of confidentiality. What this means is that your personal and medical information is not shared with anyone outside Occupational Health unless you consent for us to do this.

We do not provide medical treatments or a first aid service.

How can I be referred to Occupational Health?

Referral to Occupational Health is normally through your Human Resources representative, manager or Head of Department. For each referral a management referral form must be completed. OH Referral Form (Appendix D). This should be sent to Occupational Health Resource.

Counselling services are provided by the University Counselling Service who also have a wide range of useful information and resources for self-help.