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Logging in

User accounts for students and staff to access IT facilities. Register for an account or change your password including challenge questions.

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  • Set up a user code for an external guest user (only current members of staff can request this)


Request a resource account (staff and research postgraduates only) and reset a password for a resource account. Get advice on reducing the amount of spam you receive.

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Get help with the computer that sits on your desk or travels with you, including buying a computer, setting it up, disposal and file storage. You can also report a faulty computer and borrow a laptop while yours is broken.

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Buy printer credits. Request a service from the printing team such as access to network printers or advice on which printer to choose.

IT training

Browse the course catalogue to select a course, check availability and book. You can also request one-to-one training at your desk.

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Telephones and mobiles

Order a mobile phone for staff. Choose a new phone or order (or change) a line. How to set up a new iPhone.

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Web publishing

Request a new SiteBuilder web site. Get your Start.Warwick personal homepage. Get started with Tabula or Moodle.

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Work areas

Computer rooms for staff and students. Find a free PC in a work area. Staff can book work areas for teaching or report faults.

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Where to start?

Read about the Consultancy & Guidance available or look at one of these topics:


Teaching & Learning

Collaboration & Communication

IT Equipment


New Starters

In April, we fixed 78% of all computer problems

within 1 day


In April, we fixed 79% of all computer problems

within 2 days



The NPS survey score for ITS

The Help Desk survey result for April is an NPS score of 84

// A score of +50 is considered excellent

We support over 800 servers on 40 hosts, with an average uptime over the last year of 99.995%

2,800 requests for and changes to desk telephones handled per year

60 million page views in March 2016

130 The Managed Network Printing service roll-out has saved the equivalent of 130 trees, 2.1m sheets of paper, 60,000kg of CO2 and 21,500 m3 of water

70,000 requests, queries and faults are handled through our online Help Desk annually

6,300 average connections per day to the ResNet Wi-Fi network in the last 12 months

"… During my three years here at Warwick I have been impressed by the consistent and excellent quality of service from the ITS team, especially the IT training team, and have always recommended them to my peers. "

28,000 network ports on campus available consistently over network-graphic.png99.95% of the time

3,268 University members editing web pages on on average each month during 2016

We can help you to create effective, usable websites by providing you with site designs, homepage layouts, copywriting, advice and support.


09:51 Wed 28 Jun

Current status

New global ransomware outbreak – Your data is at risk. Take action to protect your devices now!

A new ransomware outbreak, similar to the attack that crippled the NHS last month, is currently targeting organisations around the world. Your data – and data on other computers and devices you have permissions on - is at risk. Please read the following advice and take urgent action if required.

What is ransomware and how might this one infect my computer?

Ransomware is a type of malicious software that locks access to your data and asks for a ransom to be paid. This ransomware, believed to be Petya/Petwrap is known to exploit devices that are missing patches from the March/April 2017 Microsoft Security Updates. These updates were made available for ALL versions of Windows Operating Systems and If you have a device without those patches installed, it is vulnerable to this ransomware.


How can I protect against the risk?

It is pertinent to be careful of suspicious emails at this current time. Do NOT click on links or open attachments from emails or any messaging applications unless you are sure of the authenticity.

Managed ITS Windows devices should already have the relevant patches installed. You can check whether you’re up to date and find out what to do it you’re not on the Windows update page.


What do I do if I’m infected?

If your device restarts for no reason or a ransom message appears you should power down immediately as we believe the encryption process only begins after the machine restarts, then contact the IT Service helpdesk on 024 765 73737 or email on

Additional technical information can be found here:

History of previous incidents and service outages.

Planned work


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Need more help?

For new developments, IT innovation and challenges, please contact our Business and Service Analysis team.

For discussions about support for the use of technology in research, teaching and learning, please contact the Academic Technology team.