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Web Publishing Service

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We provide tools for University members to publish and use information online without requiring specialist skills or software.

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  • Email webteam at warwick dot ac dot uk
  • Tel 74000


This is the University's web publishing tool. You can use SiteBuilder to manage your own site via the web without needing technical skills.

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Is a tool to support administration of teaching and learning in academic departments. Staff can manage per-student information such as coursework.

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Your personal home page to keep track of the information that you need regularly such as email and timetables.

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A tool to send, receive and share files. You can upload files and access them anywhere online.


This service automatically delivers your course materials to Dropbox, SkyDrive or Google Drive.

Web design

We can help you to create effective, usable websites by providing you with site designs, homepage layouts, copywriting, advice and support.

  • Standard website

    Choose your preferred site design, homepage layout and imagery – then submit a new site requirements form. We will implement your site free of charge.

  • Standard website plus additional design

    Choose your preferred site design, homepage layout and imagery – we will implement your site and provide additional graphic design, copywriting, or tailored advice and support.

  • Copywriting

    We can write copy for your site on your behalf, review and edit existing copy, or train your team how to write effectively for online audiences.

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Thu 29 Sep '16
Future updates to SiteBuilder edit section styling

We're updating the look of SiteBuilder's edit section later in the autumn term 2016. This will bring it up to date and take advantage of the ID7 common website template.

Fri 02 Sep '16
Update on the Argent Court Data Centre power-down in December

We can now confirm details of several major services that won't be affected by the Argent Court data centre power-down on 13 and 14 December.

Tue 27 Oct '15
Revised information on the changes to the Turnitin plagiarism detection service

Thank you to everyone who has provided feedback to us following our recent email about changes to the Turnitin plagiarism detection service. As you know, we're having to make changes at the request of Turnitin before the end of this calendar year.

Several colleagues told us that even a short period of unavailability would cause them operational difficulties, so we have pressed Turnitin to make the necessary changes more seamlessly, and we can now confirm that this will be possible.

Access to Turnitin via Tabula

There will now be no downtime at all for access via Tabula. You can continue to sub…

Latest Activities

The roll-out of the ID7 common website template in the new University brand is now complete. 1359 web sites are now in ID7.

Coming up

We are looking at a complete refresh of assignment marks management.

A new look Sitebuilder editing interface with the same functionality but new icons and layout tweaks.

Review of Search and

Service levels & metrics

We report monthly and annual metrics on the following services and activities:

Number Metric What we measure
1 Website performance Time to load a web page on and off campus
2 Website activity Number of page views, edits made and editors using the web site
3 Support volume Volume of support calls received
4 Support response Percentage of support calls handled within agreed target times
5 Web design and review consultancy Satisfaction rating by customers using this service