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About Files.Warwick

Files.Warwick is an online file sharing service provided by IT Services at You can use it to upload your files, access them anywhere online and share them with other people. You can send files to others – students, staff and people external to the University – and receive files from them too.

Files.Warwick is ideal for when you need to send or receive large files over 10MB in size, which is the limit for incoming and outgoing email attachments at Warwick.


  • Default storage quota of 2 GB for students and staff. Everyone can request a quota increase, which is subject to approval.
  • Each University member can have a personal file space with a unique address – for example:
  • Group file spaces are available by request for research groups, departments or projects.
  • Upload files up to 4.5 GB in size via a web browser.
  • Upload zip files and extract them into a file space, maintaining their structure.
  • Upload and download activity is encrypted by only running over HTTPS.
  • International character support for file and folder names.
  • People outside the University can send files to students and staff without revealing University members' email addresses.
  • University members can send files or whole folders to others at Warwick or externally, and receive notifications when those files are downloaded.
  • File space owners can set permissions so that other people, or groups of people, can view, change or manage files in that file space.
  • Virus scans of each uploaded file.
  • Activity logs for file space owners and administrator to monitor use of their file space.


  • Support forum
  • Email: webteam at warwick dot ac dot uk
  • Tel: 73737 or 74000