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How do I insert a twitter feed into a page?

Twitter iconIf your department or research project has a Twitter account, you may wish to include a feed from it on your web site. You can see examples of Twitter feeds on Insite and the external home page.

To insert a Twitter feed into a page:

  1. Browse to the page onto which you want to add the Twitter feed and sign in if not already signed in.
  2. Hover over the Edit link and select Edit Centre/Surrounding/Right content as appropriate.
  3. Place the cursor at the point on the page where you want to insert the Twitter feed. You can specify how many tweets to display and the Twitter username you want to use. Insert the feed in the following format:

    [twitter-feed num='x']twitterusername[/twitter-feed]

    For example, if you wanted to display the three most recent tweets from the University Twitter account you would need to type:

    [twitter-feed num='3']WarwickUni[/twitter-feed]

    • If you are unsure of the username of the Twitter account you wish to display, you can find it in the Twitter profile URL (eg.!/WarwickUni).
    • You can also include retweets in your twitter feed. Retweets are tweets originally made by other users, that have been shared by the Twitter account you are displaying. Retweets aren't shown in twitter feeds by default, but you can choose to include retweets by adding the option retweet=true eg. [twitter-feed retweet=true]WarwickUni[/twitter-feed]
    • You can display a plain text (unstyled) version of the twitter feed, including web links for hashtags, @mentions and URLs, and a customised title by adding the option plaintext=true eg. [twitter-feed plaintext=true title='xxx']WarwickUni[/twitter-feed]
      If your title contains an apostrophe then use double quotes to enclose it like this:
      [twitter-feed num="5" title="I'm going to use a long title"]WarwickUni[/twitter-feed]
  4. When you have finished editing the page click on 'Publish' Publish button.

The Twitter feed should then appear on your page:


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