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How do I add a gadget?

Gadgets are small web applications that can be placed on your Start.Warwick homepage, there are two ways to add them to your Start.Warwick pages. The easiest way is to add a gadget from the University moderated gadget directory. This contains a number of inhouse created gadgets for university services like email and insite news, as well as some popular third party gadgets. The second way is to try and add a third party gadget via a URL from anywhere on the internet and, so long as it supports the Open Social gadget standard, it should work. You can find out more about adding third party gadgets on their own FAQ page.

Adding a gadget from the catalogue

First make sure you are signed in and that you have browsed to your Start.Warwick home page.

You should be presented with a page containing a banner with the Start.Warwick logo near the top and all your current tab's gadget's on the bottom. On the right hand side of the Start.Warwick banner is a button labeled "Add a gadget".


Click on this button.

You should now be presented with the gadget directory in the middle of your browser window.


This has a straightforward browsing interface that should be familiar to users of Sitebuilder. There is a search box in the top right which narrows down the visible results as you type and categories on the left hand side that narrow down the visible gadgets by broad grouping. For each gadget listed in the main pane of the directory there is a brief description and a link to get a more detailed breakdown of what the gadget does. The easiest way to find out however is just to try it out so when you have found a gadget you like the idea of, you can go ahead and click the 'add this gadget' button underneath it.

After a brief pause to reconfigure your page to make room for it the gadget should appear beneath and to the right of any existing gadgets.

Congratulations, you can now fiddle around with your new gadget and figure out exactly what it does!