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How do I create a tab?

Start.Warwick gives you the opportunity to organise your gadgets into seperate pages navigated by tabs just underneath the site's logo. Every user has a 'Home' tab that comes pre-created, but you can also add new tabs whenever you like. This could be to used to put a bunch of gadgets with similar content in one place, like a 'News' tab containing BBC, Guardian and New York Times gadgets for example.

Creating a new tab

First make sure you are signed in and the you've navigated to the Start.Warwick URL.

Once there you should see the Start.Warwick logo near the top left and your current tab's gadgets laid out beneath it. Directly beneath the logo are your current tabs, which should include your 'Home' tab (unless you have renamed it) and any others you've already created. On the right of all your tabs will be a 'tab' labelled with a plus sign - this is the create tab button.


Click on this button to create a new tab.

You should now be presented with a popup box in the centre of the page titled 'Add a Tab'.


You now need to type in a title for your tab that will appear underneath the Start.Warwick logo. You can also pick an overall layout for the gadgets that you place on the tab and a colour theme for the Start.Warwick logo that will accompany the tab when it is active. Don't worry if you can't decide on the details immediately as you can always come back and edit them later.

Once you've decided on a name and considered the other options; click on the 'Save' button.

The 'Add a Tab' box will now close returning you to the main Start.Warwick view but with your new tab now active and ready for adding gadgets to.