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How do I move gadgets around?

If you don't like the current position of one of your gadgets its possible to shuffle it around into a different position in the overall tab layout.

Dragging Gadgets

Holding a Left click on the title bar of any gadget allows you to drag it around and position it roughly where you want in the tab layout. It works very similarly to the way that you drag windows around in most operating systems.

Left click on the title bar of the gadget you want to move and keep the button pressed.

The mouse cursor should change to a pointer indicated that you can now move the gadget around and the gadget itself will become semi-translucent.

Move the mouse roughly over to the area where you want the gadget to be.

You should see a grey dotted box underneath the floating gadget. This indicates the exact position where the gadget will be placed when you release the mouse button.

If you are happy with the location of the dotted grey outline, release the left mouse button.

Your gadget will now be placed in the location you chose.