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Are you studying at Warwick?

Are you studying at Warwick?

"Seeing primary source documents – untouched – the real thing – makes history more believable", history undergraduate

"Just having access to the archives was quite an emotional experience. There was something special about the connectedness of the past to the present and being able to experience that I thought was just fabulous", sociology undergraduate

As a Warwick student, you have one of the finest collections of modern archives in the country on your doorstep here at the MRC. They could help you make a genuinely original contribution to your field of study. To help you get the most out of the Centre, we offer the following:

Online resources

Get an online taster of our collections - selected documents digitised for modules, online digital collections, 'ready-made' searches of the archive catalogue and advice on how to use archives.

Individual guidance sessions

Need help finding sources? - book time with an archivist at the Modern Records Centre.

Video guide to using the Centre